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To 'The Killers'

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*Ulman takes a deep breath as we watching Teddy playing with Seraphina, a young Rottweiler. He takes out his radio and he begins to speak. He holds down the PTT.*

"To the dogs and whores who call themselves the Killers. Wolfwinter is dead, face planted in ground of Sinistok. Ms. Juila, I can already tell that you have had a fair share from another group of people. You know who I am talking about. The Killers need to do their selves favour and either commit mass suicide or go running off into the west. Don't worry, I'm sure the Разрушители will treat you very kindly. So, do us all a solid and fuck off. Or I will personally make sure of it."

*He lets go of the PTT and then walks over to go play with Seraphina and talk to Teddy. He then takes the radio back out takes out an guitar and starts to strum "God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash and starts to sing the song into the radio. He then laughs and speaks at the end of the song.*

"Удача - это гулять мертвым."


In Russian:

Good Luck being dead-man walking.

*He stops transmitting the radio message.*

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*Lucas, as Jupiter, hears the man's broadcast and stares down at the radio for a few seconds. A great grin creeps up his face slowly turning into a massive smile*

*Snorts in laughter* "Thanks for the help! He went M.I.A and..." *Snorts again, trying to contain himself* "... we were planning on killing him anyway."

*He can no longer contain himself and begins violently laughing and sobbing tears of joy at the man's empty threats and pointless act. He drops the radio to the ground and hunches over, his chest burning from the endless laughter. The radio is still transmitting and his laughing and sobbing sounds like that of a Hyena. It takes a whole 5 minutes for him to finally stop*

"Kudva that's funny! Hahahahahahahaha"

*He wipes another tear away from his eye before flicking off the transmission. Reaching behind a bar he grabs for a bottle of Whiskey and sets the half full glass on a counter. He pops off the lid and begins lustfully drinking from the bottle, savoring the taste of the alcohol. Then he begins cheerfully singing a merry tune, mocking Winter's death*

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*Asher would use a voice changer, making his voice sound several octaves below his own. He would press down the PTT*

"Thanks for doing our job for us, you have been very helpful to our cause."

*Asher would release the PTT*

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Joe leans backwards and cocks his head at the radio chatter. A thought enters mind and he manages a small chuckle before pressing the PTT and speaking into his toilet paper roll, makeshift voice changer.

"As the others said, thank you."

Joe lowers the cardboard cylinder from his lips as he slides his thumb off of the PTT.

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