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[Open Freq - 92.1] A Used Car Salesmen?

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Jimmy would be under the hood of a car, his radio only a foot away from him when he hears Alex and Andy's radio message. He frowns at that and thinks of his own business, proceeding to mumble to himself, "Shit...I guess I should advertise my business so some edgy people can cut me up...". He would step back to close the hood, before grabbing the radio and pressing the PTT.

"Hey all you extremely fucked up, and only kind of fucked up people out there. Tired of having to walk and run literally everywhere and getting extremely large thunder thighs? Well luckily for you, on this frequency you can contact us about buying a car, truck, or whatever the fuck you're looking for if we have it! Prices will be talked out over a private frequency along with a meeting point. Currently for sale we have..." He would pause for a moment to reach into his pocket to pull out a small journal, flipping past a few pages until he finds the list. "We have 1 Cargo Truck, 1 Two Seater V3S, Both of those trucks have their doors by the way. And lastly 1 Sedan that only has it's back left door missing. Who knows maybe you can sit a hostage in there and push him out when you're going like 120 kilometers an hour of something! But anyway, Just ask for Tony or Olivia on this frequency and we'll set something up! Good luck and stay in drugs and don't do school kids!"

He would release the PTT and sets the radio back down on the table near by. He would than just kinda look down at his journal thinking of grabbing a few more vehicles to sell.

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