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To Ms. Fox

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*Sergei leans his AKM against the wall and pulls his radio from his vest, he holds the ptt and you can hear a thin Russian accent on the other end*

Hello my friends! My name is Sergei Zerenov and i'm looking for a woman by the name of Selina Fox. Apparently she killed the son of a bitch who stole my shit. Very well done Ms. Fox, I would like to meet with you if you are available so that I might acquire the shit he stole from me. Erin Wellington his name was, if you recall him. Please send me a message when you are available!

*he release the ptt, grabs his akm, and walks out of the PD*

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*Nikolai hears the name 'Erin Wellington' and begins to have interest, he recalls any information he just heard, and presses down the PTT* 

приветствие my name is Nikolai Pysanki, Ms. Falk, her name is, killed the scumbag Mr. Wellington, saving my life. I owe her my life, she has been on the radio since, but I haven't seen here since. I am interested to hear what 'shit' he stole from you, I grabbed bit of stuff from his rotting corpse, maybe you can use some of it.

Until next time comrade.

*Nikolai releases the PTT and sets his radio back in his vest pocket*

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                                                                         Selina hears a voice she doesn't recognise, She hesitates to respond...



                                                                                                                      *Presses the PTT* 


                                                                           ''I'm a busy lady Mr Zerenov...excuse me if i pronounced that wrong.'

                                                                                   I am unsure if i even have the things he stole from you?.

               I mean i could meet with you. However a lot of people seem to want to meet with me and likely want to kill me, seems i ruffle feathers so to speak.

                                                                                                                              *she giggles* 

                                                                                           Maybe this is some kind of trap to get to me?

                                                                                                                    nice try mr Zere......ov.


                                                                                                                         *release the PTT*      

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*Sergei holds the ptt*

приветствие! Mr. Pysanki, if Mr Wellington threatened you then I have no issue with you killing the son of a bitch. And I assume that was Ms. Falk/Fox I heard? Ms., Mr Wellington stole many things from me, many things of value. If you wish not to meet, then it is fine by me but I would like to have the shit he took from me back. If I recall it was an SVD with roughly 8 magazines, and a ghillie suit. And Ms Falk, if you cannot pronounce my last name, call me Z.

*he releases the ptt*

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