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edgy Wolf

To a Mr. Sorella ((Open Broadcast))

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*Tion sat alone in one of the many rooms the Killers Current Residence had to offer. He gently pet the blade that he used to end the Life of Mr. Marcano a few days back. He felt himself troubled to say the least however very contempt with what he had to do. He had to show to the others he was not a weakling nor the old Tion that people use to know however he still needed to know. He grabbed his radio pressing down on the PTT*

"Hey Uh Eddie...listen man you probably don't remember me, but the name was Tion. I've been asking about you lately in town cause I overheard the Pub opened back up. I saw Brandon a few days ago walking around, and hearing how you're still alive...I dunno just thought I'd care to ask. Where is Ms. Rory.....is she still alive...I use to be a patient but then some things happened and I never got to come in for that second appointment she scheduled me for...it doesn't matter now, but I dunno you're one of the only names from the past that I can still remember in good faith. If you hear this my dude hopefully if we speak in person it's not with my new Friends around."

*He released the PTT shaking slightly, but keeping himself together and tiny smile crawling over his lips*


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*Eddie takes out his radio from his jacket pocket and blows the lint off the receiver, he then proceeds to push the PTT button and begins to speak:*

"Hello Tion! It's great to hear your still alive and kicking. Yeah Tion, I do remember you and sorry you missed me around the Pub I've been sick the last week but I am feeling healthy as can be now!"

"About Rory..... well, her and my good friend Dan were to be married months ago but they had a few problems and it didn't turn out how they expected so they both went up North until the heat died down. But yeah, I haven't heard from Rory since then but at least she's safe."

 *Eddie pauses his transmission and looks out his bedroom window thinking about all the good friends and people he knew in the past, he blows his warm breath on the window pane and draws an A with his finger, he then starts to speak once more into his radio:*

"Well Tion, it was good hearing from a voice from the past, and if you are ever near the Pub in Severograd please stop by and get a beer on me!" 

"You take care out there man, I hear there is some kind of group calling themselves 'killers' running around.... be safe man!"

*Eddie turns off his radio and slips it back into his jacket pocket and continues to stare out the window*

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