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Diary of a Huntress

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Notice: This Diary is written in a combination of English and Trigedasleng. Don't worry, I'm not smashing my head into a keyboard.



Entry 62

Entry 63

Entry 64

Entry 65

Entry 66


*The first half page is written in broken Trigedasleng. After the first part, the diary starts. Every so often a few Trigedasleng words are used.*

Yu ste rid op ai skrab. Der ste tona skrab raun Sautgoria.

Ai throudon yu lok op ai moun skrab!

Set raun ai edei... de edei get in homplei! 

Ai leik Rae, wanheda kom ripakru!


Entry 62

It seems the weather won't lighten. Freezing skaiwoda as usual. Thinking about Sarah still shoots ai sour heart into a flutter. Azen skaiwoda reminds me of days gone by and ai hou gonatof. She'd be disgusted by me, ba she would've been safe. Regardless, ai lost hodnes will live on in ai ever fiber. When the chuds are stedaun from our lovely trashsaka, ai freedom shall be all thats required.

*a few tear drops make their mark on the paper*

Charlie is fully processed now. Random bitch who caught me off guard is still drying on the rack. Next objective: Hon op topographical map of Sautgoria. Need to bury the Pemmican. Moved camp further east to be with ai kru. Not much to say about them now... they'll be good for ai freedom and Sarah's memory. Secondary objective: Hon op more Estradiol.

Ai hofli ripakru hon op koken joken chemist. Soon I'll need to synthesize ai meds. 

More sturdy bones are needed for ai arrow construction. e6HmYzq.png

Edited by Empress Julia

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Today was a krei leyos joken one! It stot au with an abrupt tag in from Winter. Em snagged a wedding planner! Teddy was em tagon. We had to buk au hos of to catch up, ba we got there just in time! Oh em was so joken confused. Em din fathom why anyone would put a gun to em melon... 

Jupiter took de pitchfork and skewered de plan and em screamed so laud. Ai den hung em with a paracord. Em spika was duct tapped and em choked on em vomit. It was quite de sight. Jupiter odon de fun by ripping a nerve out of em finga and made it into a wedding ring.

Ai dumped a bottle of Vodka over em and den cracked it over em melon. Dem we buk au. A few hours later we found a brana thompa. Turns ot em was looking to join us. We had em cut em own ear off to glong op Ripakru. 

Ai went chich op with Everest. We talked about making em loufa. It was fun seeing em nodotaim. Ai have high houp! 

Edited by Empress Julia

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Ai spent most of the day vout Sarah in and how much fun osir had with Everest back in the day. Ai so wish that osir would've skipped Serbia. Then maybe Sarah and ai would have been with Everest earlier… maybe em would still be alive. Ai could have gotten em a gas mask or something… anything.

*a few tears are dropped on the diary paper.*

It is on these lonely days that ai vout em in...  and how em would be so ashamed of what ai am doing with Ripakru, but if em was alive ai would be able to convert em. Sha ai would. Jok sha ai would. To keep em memory alive ai need to keep frag op, led op, and flosh klin. Ai don’t want em death to be for nothing. No no no no. Not for nothing! Em was so pure. Not like ai.

Ai should do a broadcast like Jupiter… and explain ai… need to be seen as the sain one of the bunch. If ai tich moun op about the edei of the yujon, den mebi others will mafta ai op instead of Jupiter. Osir won’t have to fragon jos for the fun of it.

Ai have spent so long in the trikova and trimani. Ai could always go back to living soulou but… how does that kep klin Sarah’s memory alive? Ai will be ogud… Ai will make a kru for em memory. One of strong people oso will kik thru this skafa.

Ai need to skrab script daun. Ai will let you know how it goes Sarah... Ai hod yu in.

Edited by Empress Julia

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The following entry has splatters of dark dried blood on it in a few areas.


Ai hod yu in. Sarah... Ai hod yu in. Sarah... Ai hod yu in. Sarah...

Save ai from ai. De thumpa hole ste taking ai en ai can't see past ai melon. In all dis gonplei ai blind. Ai don't want dis. No dis isn't ai! Ai seifas... No out in sight but wamplei
Ai can do it right now. Would be so easy. Just a simple squeeze away... then ai will be with yu feva void de in ai hon-in. Mebi ai will be set nodotaim off a better plan... plangona... One that can hold em own sanity together.


Yet even though ai mind wanders to these thoughts, Ai know there ste still one last pale soncha to mafta op. Ai just have to take a hold of that soncha with both meika and not look back. 


Ai was captured by people who are hunting ai Ripakru. They beat ai damn bos... had ai carve an "S+H" ona ai arm for "Strawberry + Hondo". Somehow em guessed correctly who ai am en Teddy show up. Em were going to finally let ai rest for bos... but em let ai live. Em tried drowning ai, then let free. Brody was with ai... em laik a natrona.

Later once daylight broke, Ai took a swis to ai fresh wound en mutilated it so ai won't scar over to be em joken initials. Once nat started to fall, ai was ambushed by some stumucha... Put a revolver round ona em melon, but em got ai too... Not sure how... survived. Best guess de round exploded into shrapnel... Mebi em missed but that got ai?.. Don't know, but ai feel jagged hard bits in ai melon. Making matters a lot worse, when ai was trying to fix up best ai could... damned pakstoka jumped through a joken window... arms jok... chest hurts... ste pakstoka daun...ai not.

Can ai ban Ripakru op?

Ai gaf in sis au! Beja sen au sis op Sarah... be ai savior. 

Edited by Empress Julia

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So much has happened since ai last skrab daun. It's been weeks of hell, all caused by ai involvement with Ripakru. Not long after ai last entry, Lorenzo needed help. Em was surrounded by shit pakstoka. Ai got there, helped em out, en then was taken by em people. Emo blamed ai for messing up the plan en put a single shot in ai chest. The void was not to take ai that day, en Lorenzo came back for ai, helped stabilize ai, en then took ai to a doctor. The doctor took care of the rest.

Den osir got found.

The doctor bought ai enough time to get out the window en leg it, but em didn't make it. Ai got shot in the shoulder as ai ran off.

Then ai met Luna. Em is a goth sis that ai had raun ai for a bit now. Osir traveled south en met up with Asher. When em got a chance, ai called Lorenzo over the radio and baited Asher to em death. The people who had shot ai only a week before that were now getting what they wanted.

Jupiter is gone as well, with the help of Everest. 

Ai bet emo still want ai dead... but we've given them what emo gaf in! Emo were probably going to frag ai op anyway. Yes yes yes yes emo were.

Making matters worse, ai started hearing voices. How will ai gather my kru if ai can't even stay sain?

Edited by Empress Julia

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