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Beyond the Mist

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Gladius takes his blade from it's sheath, feeling the familiar weight in his hand before swinging it in a wide forward slash, using the momentum to turn and block an invisible assailant behind him, nodding satisfied. The blade is good. Father did a good job with it. Looking back at the altar, he nods to Father then sits down, sword on his lap, and removes his radio from the vest, clearing his voice and pushing the PTT:

*calm voice, eastern european accent*

"To whomever is listening. My name is Gladius."

He pauses for a brief moment, recollecting his thoughts, before continuing.

"Me and my comrades vowed to help you. You, who has survived this Apocalypse for so long. You, who has done unspeakable things to survive. You, who didn't lose your way in face of injustice and stood up for what right. What's good. What's decent!"

His voice cracks a little, emotions overflowing.

"You, who fought not only for your life but for the life of your family, your friends and even a complete stranger. You are who we fight for. I am the Sword that will help you in this fight. You are not alone. Not anymore"

The last sentences are spoken in a deep tone, almost pleading. Gladius releases the PTT, regains his composure and pushes the PTT again.

*Deep, cutting voice, seeping with anger*

"And you...the one that..."

The broadcast ends abruptly as Father places a hand on Gladius' shoulder, seeing his anger, and shakes his head. Gladius nods, ashamed, and continues:

"Remember. You are not alone."

Gladius releases the PTT, stands, picks up his sword then leveling it in front of him. With a swift motion, he sheaths the blade and walks out from the church, the city unfolding in front of him, faint snarls echoing in the wind. 


Gladius looks up and raises the sword to the Heavens.

I will make amends. I will pay for my sins. This, I vow.


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