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Ban Appeal Shazzzam

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: I talked with Hebi Kotei on TS. When I questioned him about the Lying in a report and he said it was actually based on no solid evidence. It was indeed based on word-for-word posts, which is no solid basis for such a strong statement. As such I and even he agreed that he may have made a mistake by placing this charge. The aggravation on the punishment itself would not have occurred if the Lying in a report was not present as well, when I question him about it. 

About the Lying in a report thing, I believe I didn't explain it very well why it is not correct. Hebi Kotei said 

Firstly, we have ample proof to suggest you are lying to us in this report. In your POV you state that you demanded that the hostage was to make "no loud noises" when you were about to start chopping off his legs,

There is no such proof. In an upper post I said that I said "don't make any loud noises" at the very start of the initiation which is before I even disarmed Centurion and before I started to hit him with the axe. After I disarmed him and before I started to attack him with the axe, I said "Don't scream too much." It is not shown in the video, but Centurion also never argued against that I said "Don't scream too much". In the video is also the scene when I was about to start chopping off his legs. The video itself is solid proof that I never said that, so Hebi is wrong in my opinion and the reason why he believes I have lied in the report is 100% false, thus the lying in the report charge falls off. I only stated in my POV that I said "don't make any loud noises" but I never said when I said it.

Furthermore, in Centurion's POV, Centurion says "He takes out an axe and tell's me to not make any loud noises." but in his video, which shows me from having his AK to the part where I take out the axe, I never say that so who is lying?

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I strongly claim that my actions were the reactions of Centurion's BadRP, which is both partly confirmed in his video and by Hebi as well. I agree to the part where I have displayed BadRP in a way and also in the RDM charge, however, the bad RP on my side is a direct reaction of the bad RP firstly displayed by Centurion. Centurion however got only a verbal warning, even though his bad RP is the core basis of how the whole situation turned out. This does not excuse my behavior in the situation, but it does justify to some extent why things went that way.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:
- Removal of the Lying in a Report charge.
- Removal of the Aggravation of the verdict.
- BadRP punishment be treated the same way as is treated with Centurion = Verbal warning and no additional days of ban be added to my final verdict for badRP. 
- The current amount of punishment time I have left be reduced by 6 days.

What could you have done better?: I certainly believe I slipped up very badly in how I handled both the RP coming from Centurion, as well as handling my own actions in the situation. I should have further continued to provide quality role play instead of diminishing it into an insufficient quality and quantity just because initially it has been confronted by BadRP from the hostage side and in any other similar situation as well. I should have not escalated things so quickly and much more could have been role played out of that situation, something I agree back then and now as well.

Edited by Shazzzam
Re-did the 4th sentence of the "What would you like to achieve with this appeal:" seeing that almost 2 days of the 10 days punishment have passed. Also to better explain myself.

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Hello Shazzzam,

A separate team of staff has gone over this appeal  plus the report and have come to the following conclusion:

While we agree that the lying in the report is circumstantial at best, we find that the rest of the verdict is correct.  To start with we will address the BadRP what @Hebi Kotei said in the original verdict.


The roleplay in the video as well as what you have described in your POV is far less than what is expected from our members.



There is little to be admired here in terms of roleplay, the roleplay, from what is described, is as hollow as an empty box and is sparsely populated.

These two snips of the original verdict still very much stand, this is not what we expect from our members and there was little to be admired from the situation overall. Very little was said in the video given and while yes it was only a few minutes of your short interaction with each other there is still enough for us to accurately judge the RP. What little that was said consisted of basically " I'm going to cut off your legs...........there goes one" in a nonchalant tone followed by extended periods of silence. This is not what we expect or wish to see from our members.

Now the invalid kill, your hostage was completely compliant. He did everything you asked of him within reason and in a timely manner.  Whether or not it was an accident and you tried to bandage him or not he still died while complying fully with your demands.  DayZ is a buggy game you can kill someone by punching them once while they are at full health sometimes. Because of this we always recommend you emote out your strikes rather than actually do them in game. Should you decide not to and hit someone you take that risk and the consequences that come with it. 

As for the powergaming, its pretty self-explanatory and the team beforehand did a good job at explaining why it is viewed as such. You tell him you are going to cut off his legs and start hacking after awhile you say something along the lines of there goes one and start hacking on the other. The way you talk throughout the video is evident that you are indeed cutting off his legs and not some attempt to scare him. 

The powergaming rules are as follows:

Powergaming refers to forcing an action, condition or belief upon another players character beyond what the game mechanics allow. For example, hurting them in a way that would prevent that person from using the character in the future.

or more specifically for this case:

  • 10.2 You may not force any permanent status on other characters without explicit permission (for example "//permission to scar?"). This includes forcing them to eat human meat, scarring them, removing body parts or otherwise permanently harming them.

Like the original team stated had you wished to do this a simple // followed by asking permission would have saved you from this ban.

Overall due to the excessive amount of rule breaks the team reviewing this appeal agrees that the standard punishment is not enough for this sitation and as such the aggravation will stay.

Before we end this we would like to mention something since you were cutting it close:


21:18:47 | "Artyom Pretrov(uid=) SHOT Hans Kleinenberg(uid=) by into head."


While reading through everything we noticed that you died exactly an hour and eight minutes beforehand very close to where this report happened this is a reminder that you must stay 1000 meters away from your point of death for at least one hour.


Verdict changed -  reduced to 7 days 10 points

Signed by @Oliv and @Strawberry

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