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edgy Wolf

To a Mr. Medenhall ((Open Freq))

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*Tion found himself rolling along an open highway coming to a two way intersection. He chuckled softly at the two signs one leading to South Zagoria the other some name he didn't care to even try and think to pronounce. He looked at his fuel tank and had maybe half a tank..he could at least make it to back to where it all began. Where he met this New World and how everything he loved and cared about slowly got stripped away even his own sanity...Grabbing his radio he turned to any open frequency and pressed the PTT his voice sounding..colder than anyone who would remember it*

"Ayyyyeeee Dean you still alive. Hey man it's Tion ya know Kens little adopted son yeah so I'm coming back through town and wanted to see if you're still alive and haven't ended up like our father. Guess what I'm still alive if you haven't already guessed by this Transmission. Weird right me after pretty much being killed once manages not to be killed a second time is this New fucked up world we live in. Well I hope to see you soon maybe we can catch up ya know...cause I don't. Anyways hope to see you soon and don't die before I see you unlike someone else we both know."

*With a small chuckle the frequency ended. Tion fixed a slightly crimson stained beanie on his shaggy black hair and simply turned right heading back where it all began*

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*The radio would be full of static, with Dean's smooth southern voice only being audible at times, sounding very distraught.*


..........crazy fucking cannibal.........

........not much time........

.........I know his name.........

.........listen to me, his name is----"

*You would hear Dean get cut off by the sound of a door opening, and then hear Dean get punched a few times. The radio would then return to static.*

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*moxxi would hear this transmission and grab her radio from her vest and press the PTT*

"wait tion? Is this the same one I think I know? I thought you were dead. you most likely have not remembered me. But your adopted dad and me were very good friends. glad to see you still around.

*she would release the PTT just in time to hear dean's voice*

"wait dean? dean?! fuck... no wonder I haven't heard from him" *she thinks out loud* " don't worry ill ask around to help find you."

*she releases the PTT and puts her radio on her vest, looking around severograd*

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