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Been a long day...

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*A weary and slightly gruff man's voice can be heard after a few moments of static pass. *

"So. It's been a few, hasn't it? That little hiatus went on a biiiiit longer than I would have liked. 

But, ya know, getting practically enslaved by a bunch of crazy Russian hicks for a coupla' months 'll do that...

But I mean hey- at least I got to them before they got to me. Well.. not completely at least."

*He cracks his neck for a moment loudly, before taking a deep sigh and speaking again.*

"Now- I wanna know. Are any of you wonderful assholes still alive out there?






Hell... Nipplehat?





*There's a long moment of silence. The man throws what sounds like a few small metal objects against a wall in anger before yelling incoherent profanity for a small bit. After he finishes, he can be heard breathing heavily and then composing himself one more time before speaking again.*


If you're out there. I'll hopefully find you.

If not.

Hope you're time in hell is nice.

*Half-heartedly chuckles.*


Save a seat for me will ya?




This is Everest. Signing off.

Sayonara. Goodbye. See ya later.

Over and out."

*A small 'click' is heard before the radio transmission fizzles into static before going eerily silent.*

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*He depresses the PTT, a burst of static carries over the radio, resolving right before a familiar voice begins speaking.*

"I thought you were in the ground, Mr. Everest. Needless to say, I am for once glad to be proven wrong."

*He pauses for a brief moment.*

"Unfortunately, as we already knew, Mr. Moretti fled into Russia. I haven't seen either Mr. Jango or Mr. Soal since then, so I can only assume they went with him. Same for... Nipplehat."

*Another pause.*

"Ken Mendenhall didn't make it. The Black Fangs got to him. I'm in Novo. Find me there. Several, well, a lot of things have developed since you went on your little vigilante spree, and I need to fill you in on matters. It is good to have you back. I look forward to seeing you soon."

*He releases the PTT.*

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*moxxi removes her radio from her vest and presses the PTT*

”Everest Damn. It’s nice to see you still alive and kicking for the most part. If you don’t remember it’s moxxi. I’m glad your doing well... Allright for the most part. We need to meet up some time and catch up.” 

*she releases the PTT and hooks her radio back onto her vest* 

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