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The Black Roses

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The Black Roses were formed several months into the outbreak, just a group of survivors who came from all over the world, from hard-working backgrounds. They prided themselves on doing their share to help both themselves, and the friends they've made outside the group. Eventually however, most of the people in this group found themselves purposeless and bored, even when things were going alright. Food supplies were steady but eventually everything runs out. They knew if they were going to live through this tough environment, they would have to do more than just look for supplies, as it was only inevitable it would run out eventually. So, they banded together, and decided to work for everything they wanted and more. The Black Roses make the world changing decision to start taking up contracts on people around South Zagoria, doing almost anything for something as long as the risk was worth the reward. This way of life was what eventually kept them fed, clothed and, most importantly, occupied. The most important god damn thing in times like these.


Finding people wasn’t too hard, although, finding people who had both the skills and mindset seemed like more of a challenge. Many people seemed to want to be in the Roses for the safety that the Black Roses offered. These few members didn't last long among the others one could imagine. Some people eventually started seeking out the Black Roses out themselves, which proved to be better for the ranks. People from all walks of life eventually wandered into the family. Most people knew how to shoot a gun, but not everyone in the Black Roses knew how to shoot another man. In the world they lived in and the work they did, that was singlemost thing that drew the line for the Black Roses. Anyone can shoot a gun, but not everyone can take the life of another, and that is the difference it takes to be a Black Rose.


Work was slow and spread out at first, mostly just delivering packages, being convoy guards for traders and protecting small settlements from the infected. Things like that never caught much attention, but some people saw them for what they were; hard working sons of bitches. By the time The Black Roses started getting their name out there, the work itself became more or less what they had expected. This really caught the eye of a certain group and it didn't take long for the Black Roses to realize who the big dogs of south Zagoria were. Anarchy had become the group to be feared. If Anarchy was in town, the graveyards would have eventually more residents. All of asudden people would find a reason to get out of town a lot quicker. Sometimes, by the time Anarchy did show up in a town, there wasn't a soul in sight. Anarchy made sure that the Black Roses knew who the big dogs were, they raided their supply base and anyone hanging around was told to tell the Black Roses who was there.


It was decided to stay nomadic for awhile, as it wasn't safe staying in one place for too long. One day however, The Black Roses took on a contract that would change their group for better and worse. One of the members of Anarchy itself had a hit out on them, for no less than that of a gun and some ammo. The Black Roses didn't know exactly who they were fucking with, but soon enough they did. A cold day approached, and rain coming with it. The Black Roses were sitting out the storm in a house by Gorka when the name they all knew rang out. David Anderson, one of the ring leaders of Anarchy. That day got dark fast. The rain didn't let up, nor did the beatings. The boys were told they were not allowed to take any more contracts, not allowed to work. They were left bloody and broken with a new goal in mind. Take down Anarchy.


Weeks passed as The Black Roses amassed a following. The numbers ofthat following grew, as did the attention towards it. Groups of survivors and other small factions banded with the Black Roses to make a stand. Whilst they formed allies and fighters, word reached the Black Roses that the anarchists took a child fromits mother's womb and then decapitated her. She was a member of the United People of Salvation, one of their friends and allies. The Black Roses forged an alliance with a majority of the other groups in South Zagoria. Calling itself the Coalition, they decided to make a stand. The Coalition went to Severograd to fight the Anarchists. Unfortunately, this fight ended badly for the Black Roses, and very few walked out of the fight unscathed. The Severograd massacre only proved how truly snake like the members of Anarchy were. Though defeated in battle, a war that was started that day would not be so easily lost or won for either side. The Black Roses regrouped and again licked their wounds. The fire in their eyes only showed more determination and confidence. Vowing to God that the Black Roses would take down Anarchy and create a placewhere people could live and work again was their new dream, and they were going to see it through.


Nothing relevant happened for awhile, just a few skirmishes here and there. Until one day, a friend of Bobby's brother Roy resurfaced after an extended trip to Russia. Brandon Terrano, a long time enemy of those in Anarchy, had returned and got to work the moment he realized the travesties that were going on. He didn't believe the Roses when they told him of the Severograd massacre. He didn't believe it could be that bad. He was wrong, and quickly learned that as he ran with his current group of allies the Syndicate and the Roses. Salvation was established as a FOB for a new Coalition, and The Terran and the Roses quickly got to work raising an army. Eventually, together they amassed a massive army of just about every other faction in South Zagoria to fight Anarchy, and that's just what they did. They came right to their doorstep, Novy Sobor, starting the attack with some of Terrano's CDF friends gassing the town. The battle was tough, and while it wasn't a victory, it certainly was a tie. And the sheer fact of that was enough for people to get some semblance of hope.




The new Roses were lead by a man named Bobby Kalo and some of his most trusted friends. Brandon Terrano, who was like a father figure to Bobby, was his closest advisor, and the only one who could tug on Bobby's strings. Daniel Barnett, Bobby's closest friend, he left the Roses with Bobby when some dumb ass named Cullen took control in the past. As an ex-CIA operative, one could imagine his usefulness in a group like the Roses. Jordan Rainey, a close friend of Brandon’s, was a USCG Maritime Enforcement Specialist, focusing on drug interdiction. Following the outbreak he became a Team Leader within NATO, and is now putting those skills to use for the Black Roses. Fred was a Pathfinder in the 82nd Airborne and close friend of Daniel, and upon his return from Takistan joined the roses, becoming the go to when it comes to training and recruitment. Benny Martin went from being a lone weapons supplier who stole from us in the night to our go-to guy for new weaponry. Nobody asks how, but Benny seems to always have people doing work for him.


"Everyone wants to eat, yet nobody wishes to hunt." -Bobby Kalo


Bobby was a smarter man than Cullen. He realized there was no chance of survival in the long run for a group of bounty hunters. So he reforged his mighty Roses into what they are today: An organization of people from different walks of life. Some people still value contracts, and those people can still take them up, but at the end of the day the Roses have one goal: Control a new world, a new civilization, and have themselves on top. Though it may sound malicious at first, the Roses only have the best in mind. They wish to bring back trade, and a semblance of civilization, all so people can live like they used to. Hell, even some of the most battle hardened members of the Roses will admit that seeing a child holding a gun pains their hearts.


 It was a cold night when Bobby returned to South Zagoria. Cullen and the remaining Roses where all just sitting around a fire, eating some dinner when he approached them. With a smile on his face, Bobby looked down on Cullen as he said he wanted his Roses back under him. Cullen looked up to him with a look of disbelief and shock in his face, as the Roses all stood behind Bobby. They had chosen who their true leader was, as Cullen has proven time and time again to be foolish and ignorant. Simply put, the mick didn't stand a chance against Bobby. The Roses quickly got back to work under Bobby and slowly but surely, their true power began to take shape once again. Now this, this is the Black Roses.


The newly forged Roses didn't revolve around one man. Bobby was smarter than that. He knew he wasn't an expert at everything, and if he wanted to reform a nation, he was going to need help. So, the Roses ran smoothly as ever with the conjoined council of Bobby Kalo, Roy Kalo, Brandon Terrano, Daniel Barnett and Jordan Rainey. With these people, Bobby and the rest of his Roses would build a nation; however, it wasn't as easy as just finding the right people. The Roses needed allies, to both help run their nation and the many settlements within it, and to subdue all those who would wish to oppose or destroy their great new nation. It was time to start getting down to business, and every moment either brings the Roses closer or further from their goal. At this point, only time will tell what the Roses can achieve.. It's time people saw who the Roses really are.




#1 - Build a new civilization with many settlements all over South Zagoria. [Day 895.]

#2 - Protect those who we have deemed worthy of protection. [Continuous.]

#3 - Form business agreements with other groups willing to work with us. 

#4 - Insure Justice is given to all people that need and deserve it, the right people.

#5 - Establish a network of informants around South Zagoria that supply us with specific information. [Day 885]

#6 - Find all the people who made the Roses suffer to make them pay for their actions, via Force or Diplomacy. [Day 890]

#7 - Create a council of group leaders from each of the settlements under the Roses banner. [Day 895

#8- Leave a Blueprint of how people should live, and teach more people to live,how the Roses do. [Day 900]

#9 - Find a different use for the virus to learn how to eliminate or control it.

#10 - Control the trade and all business's in the west region. [Day 910]

#11 - Eliminate the threat of Asher Stephen when he arrives. [Day 900]





#1 - Create an influential group that can change itself and influence the server dynamically

#2 -  Constantly encourage professional role-play and use teamspeak as an IC radio only whilst IG among members.

#3 - Give both hostile and friendly role-play to the server, both being as dynamic as possible

#4 -  Plan both internal group role play events and role-play events with other groups and individuals

#5 - Change the group from being simple mercenaries into a group that can successfully create and sustain a territorial society based on a Wild West theme in which groups and individuals can thrive in said territory.

#6 - Leave a blueprint for groups (current or future) so that they may continue this legacy.


The Black Roses aren't bad people contrary to popular belief. The best thing to call them in so many words would be "aggressively helpful" or, "Chaotic good" to the people of South Zagoria. Everything they've ever done has had a somewhat good reason, whether it be gather information on the bad guys or check to make sure people aren't the bad guys. This is the true nature of the Black Roses.




Bobby Kalo @Mouse

Jackson Rivers @Johnny Navid

Yuri Maklovich @TIMELAPSE



Noah Russo @MasonnWB

Alan Dundee @Nick Plasse

Thomas Deshotel @LoneWolf87

Jacob Antone @Vandire

Nial Jalo @Crow

Ivan PetroVich @Theyodaguy12

Jack Hall @moxx

Matthew Carter @SpiritGosu

Martinez Lopez @DancyMrBob

Colton Brooks @Ritt Ansen

Dimitri Resnov @bigmac

Jude Sinclair @AidanVC








PM Mouse or SmashingMedal for interests.


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Good luck guys

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love this page.... best of luck with this guys! :) love hanging out with u all! :trolle:

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Its definitely an interesting concept, I certainly hope you can live up to your goals. I would perhaps recommend making the graphics less square. I will read your lore when I am less tired.

Good Luck getting accepted! 

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Good luck with the group. Its good to see groups pop up in these dark roleplay times. 

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So the lore are a Little simple kinda short not super short doe. Graphics could be a Little better.

The Severograd fight could maybe be good in the lore? Like how its going and stuff Just my ideas

Good Luck

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Good luck ya beautiful Irish cunt <3


Ulman will be back after this TV Commercial break. Or is it a Tide Ad

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I would work on the graphics 

For someone who has been in mercenary groups a lot I need to warn you that mercenary clans dont really work all the time. 

Finding contractors can be almost impossible in some server climates so sometimes your group members get bored. 

This is why "mercenary" used to imply "bandit"  

Edited by Prince

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1 hour ago, Wyoming said:

Likin the group thread, Good luck guys, hope u don't end up pissin off the socialist :trolle:


Too late :trolle:


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Good luck with this!

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Good luck brother ! I'm sure you'll do just fine.

Keep up the good work !

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Can't wait until this becomes official ! Love your group. Best of luck Boys.

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Looking good, but the graphics are a bit shoddy, maybe make them transparent?

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Lookin great but yeah as they said let’s make the photos of black roses transparent 

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You guys were fun to RP with when the VDC made their trips to severo. Good luck with this!

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^can confirm this. The thread looks good so far guys. There's a few spelling mistakes I would fix but other than that it looks good. Good luck on getting accepted.

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Thank you all, The Black Roses will not Disappoint.

18 hours ago, Centurion said:

Too late :trolle:


Haha Here it should say. Secure the BEST area of South Zagoria where a society can form. Haha thanks and best of luck to you

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