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Thanks for the reminder (open)

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Cullen and his mates both conscience and not. sit in gorka medical, both with broken bones and bloody and some not harmed at all. after the events that happened today. cullen was determined more then ever. his arm was slung in a sling, both sides of his ribs bandaged up in a way to brace them back in place. even his head had a good bandage wrap around it. his second in command bobby with a grazed bullet wound across the side of his temple.though bandaged and taken care of, with that wound bobby was in and out of conscience and very unstable when he was awake for more then a few seconds.  poor Iosif  couldn't even open his eyes as he got a good beating as well. things weren't looking to hot for the boys. 

"could have saved alot of energy and bullets on both sides if that dumb turd, would have just talked to us. i'm sorry lads."

cullen spoke to him self and to his men. shaking his head and looking over his squad. he picked up his radio and pressed the ptt button. he used the frequency that was given to his friend and spoke in a irish accent that seemed a little more worse for wear and a tone that seemed confident but not cheery as per its usual self.


*he coughed before he could even begin from the pain in his sides*

"So today was almost a fatal one surely."

he paused wincing from his ribs. it hurt him more to speak then he thought. he bit down on his teeth to try and convince the pain to fuck off briefly then continued. 

"if you can't tell already by me accent lads. its irish. this goes out to the lads who had a good old bully of a time with me boys up in gorka."

he trys to stand to reform more confidence but his injuries tell him other wise.

"i imagine you'r either thinking. oh here comes another vengeance speech or how the fuck are you alive sort of thing. no. that be neither the case as it is. It be dumb not to fear ya's lads. but it would also be dumb not to respect ya's. what i'm trying to say is. me offer still stands. an offer that can both do us good. "

he takes an auto injector of morphine from the small amount they found. injects it briefly before it runs out then decides to give the rest to someone who could use a better pain relief. 

"you go around this whole damn forsaken province. doing what ever it is you do. and frankly i'm both impressed and not. it's easy to be the big fear mongering ass hole. whats not easy is doing something with that. if your not killing and taking guns. your making little spys all over the place. but your leaving opportunities wasted. now i know you said before. why bother with some one who did what i did to your lad? then why bother at all bothering with it all in the first place if you didn't have nothing better to do but what your doing? we can both profit, we can both earn. we can both do our thing. together. easier. and better then what were doing if we do it together. your already have every other cunt throwing away prized and nostalgic gear. aye that might be true."

a good cough and a audible wince of pain rings out on the waves. he gulps hard then smiles a devilish smile through the pain.

"now i'm not asking for forgiveness, for the deed i've done is already paid in due. what i am asking is that you consider this. we have more to gain working with ya then against ya, and whether you like to admit it or not for what ever reason lad, so do you. every chess game needs its pieces. you have your ponds. let us be your bishops. ya travel so much just to put fear into people for what ever ideologies you do or do not have. you reminded me and me lads that we aren't as fucking good as we think we are. aye, its true. we have more to learn."

one of his men give him some of his beloved irish whisky so that he may have a quick swig. he passed it back with a winced smile.

"now i know i'm getting long winded here but if you haven't gotten the point. let me make it more clear. let the black roses work for ya. you won't see no trouble from us. unless you let us make trouble for ya. i'll leave me frequency on the wall i looked at while your man beat me solid. thanks for reminding me that its better some times to be smaller then bigger."

briefly before the static comes you can hear angered murmurs from his men. anyone with half a brain cell could tell that they did not approve of that speech.

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[Aaron holds down the PTT]

"We will contact you at a later date when we have gone over things."

"This is The Jackal, out"

[Aaron releases the PTT]

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