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Group question.

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Well this is still unconfirmed, but if such a situation arises...

Here we go. Let us say a leader of a group left the group, May the group be slightly reformed and one of the group's members do a complete takeover of it? I would like to hear a competent answer from Staff if this will be allowed or must I create a new group if such a thing comes. 

Also by taking it over, I mean tweaking it a bit as of goals, group lore and await approval as usual. 

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If the leader of the group leaves he usually passes the leadership to someone else and that person then gets any and all rights to the group. if the leader just leaves and does not pass the leadership himself (for example, when he gets banned), we take the first person on the roster that is next in rank and that person gets the leadership. Nobody but the current group leader has rights to the group.

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