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OIZYS - [Open Freq.]

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*Turning the taped together black box over in her hands she gave the bottom of it a hard smack before rotating it around in her palm and flipping through the frequencies with annoyance. The displayed numbers on the worn front face flickered as they swapped through digits and faded to and fro back into the green-gray colored screen, almost like a dying heart beat as broken crackles issued from it's speaker. She settled on a more public and open frequency hoping that those she aimed to reach would be listening. Depressing the PTT she spoke, her voice soft and young as it struggled through the gasping static of a soon to be ruined radio.*

H-hello? Ella? Can you hear me?

*Static whined overlapping her words making it a fairly difficult to understand her, though one could get the gist of her sentences.*

I can't get this stupid thing to work half the time ... Ella, if you can hear me send me a message like we normally do, I can't seem to get this thing to... Urgh, I've changed the battery like  ... four times too.

Ella, are you okay? I don't think I got all of your last message, you said you were worried about some sort of crazy lady, right? Some weirdo running around all bonkers or somethin'?
Just, uh, let me know you're okay. Alright? 

In case you can hear me, Will and I are okay. We've just been, you know, hiding... We're always, hiding.

*With a frustrated sigh, she released the PTT and glared down at her radio choosing to give it another good whack on the back panel before stowing it back in her jacket aggressively.*

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*Ella is sitting on her bed, carving small cuts in the end of a stick. Shortly after she puts the chicken feathers in them and starts sharpening the other side with her knife. She glances over at the sleeping Cal before she grabs her radio from the nightstand, turning down the volume to make sure she doesn't wake Cal. She frowns slightly as she hasn't gotten a reply from Lo in a while. Did something happen? Is she okay? Ella quickly shakes her head as she quickly tries to think of something else.  She starts to flip through the frequencies to see if there is anyone broadcasting when she hears the young girl's voice. She sits up straight as she looks surprised and turns the volume slightly up. After the broadcast is done, she hold down the transmit button and whistles quietly in the radio so Lo knows it is her. She then lays down on her stomach on the bed, facing the nightstand. She glances over at Cal quickly but she is still asleep. She holds down the transmitting button again and holds the radio close to the nightstand. She starts tapping on the nightstand with the tip of one of her finished arrows*

.. / .- -- / --- -.- .- -.--

*she pauses*

-- . / .- -. -.. / -... . - .... / -- .. ... ... / -.-- --- ..-

*She pauses and holds her breath as Cal rolls over in her sleep. she remains quiet for ten seconds to see if Cal wakes up or not*

.-- .... . .-. . / .- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- / .. / -.-. .- -. / -.-. --- -- . / --. . - / -.-- --- ..-

*she pauses and sighs quietly*

.- .-.. --- - / .... .- ... / .... .- .--. .--. . -. . -..

*she looks down at the radio before tapping the nightstand with the tip of her arrow again*

.. / -- .. ... ... / -.-- --- ..-

*she stops transmitting and rolls on her back as she exhales. She stares at the ceiling as she holds the radio against her chest, waiting for a reply*


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*The gentle noise of a muffled whistle sounds from her jacket pocket, startling Lo who's mind was set on recounting their food rations. She paused and glanced around to ensure Will was not in ear shot, before carefully pulling loose a slip of paper and the pen she kept for writing in her journal. A delicate smile worked it's way across her lips as she heard the tapping of Ella's message, even through her busted transmitter. It would seem taps were easier to understand than words. She noted the sounds on her paper, still not extremely fluent in Morse Code and set to work on translating. As the message became clear, Lo's brow furrowed and she quietly whispered back into radio face, the static still present on her line.*

Ella, I miss you and Ms. Beth so much too... I hope everything is okay, a lot happening huh?
I know we talk a lot on the radio, but it's not the same as being around each other.

*She paused, seeming to struggle with how best to explain herself.*

Uhm, right. Where ... So, uhm. Do you remember the old camp? I guess that's kinda vague ...  The one where Eamon used to live? I'm not far from there.

We've kinda circled around, I guess? But I recognize that place anywhere since we've lived there twice now. 

The place you shot a buncha arrows into the door frame of Rose's old house.

The place we celebrated my b-birthday, do you remember?

That place. 

*The static hissed over the line, and she resorted to giving the radio a good whack causing her transmission to cut out and back in.*

Argh, stupid thing... We can meet there, or someplace close. I miss you so much. 

*Releasing the PTT, she regards her surroundings hoping that Will was not listening in and waits to hear the return punctuating taps from Ella.* 

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*Ella sits up as she hears the static over the radio, she then hears Lo's voice and can't hide her smile. She glances over at Cal whose back is now facing her. She listens carefully and her face lights up as she recognizes the description. She lays down on her stomach again and uses the arrow tip to broadcast her morse code to Lo*

.. / -.- -. --- .-- / .-- .... . .-. . / - .... .- - / .. ...

*she thinks and frowns slightly*

-.. --- / -.-- --- ..- / .-. . -- . -- -... . .-. / - .... . / .--. .-. .. ...- .- - . / ..-. .-. . --.- ..- . -. -.-. -.--

*she stops transmitting and waits impatiently for a reply*

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*Fiddling with the backing of her radio, Lo hears the tapping coming through the garbled speaker. Quickly she moved to pull loose the paper slip from before from her jeans pocket and began taking her notes. After the transmission ended, Lo set about deciphering the Code nodding to herself and balancing the paper and pen on one propped up knee. Once completed, she picked back up the worn box and pressed down the PTT.*

U-uhm, yes! I think so, I'll give it a shot and uhm, you let me know if you can hear me, okay? 

*Rattling her mind, Lo attempted to recall how Ella and herself had passed information before. As if a lightbulb flicked on above her head, Lo's expression brightened as memory served her well. Grinning to herself she chuckled into the radio.*

I got it! I got it, expect me soon! 

*Abruptly her transmission ended, the lone static buzzing and fading after her words.* 

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