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Family Radio [accidental open frequency]

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*Whilst sitting at the bar drinking way to much Colt thinks of an idea and drunkenly takes out his radio and transmits*

H..Hey fuckers.sorry beautiful people..i just thooought we could use this frw..frequency for private chatter..i don't know if you wanna..talk private and shit about bussssy little business. 

*He lets out a huge burp down followed by a chuckle he then carries on transmitting* 

Ssooo..this is a good idea or not..let me knoow..that's if you fuc..nice people care about me still..because you know I DO EVERYTHING FOR PEOPLE IN THIS FUCKING FAMILY AND NO ONE CARES ABOUT MY HAPPINESS...sooo yeah let me know...right..guys..guys..oh yeah your still asleep..

*He lets out a giggle as he stumbles and falls from the bar a glass can be heard smashing with a huge amount of drunken swear words but he manages to keep transmitting*

Stay beeeautiful people..that means you An an annabelle..but not you Jaxon!..no one likes you..hehehe.

*Colt starts end his transmission but remembers one thing else to say*

Oh..ohhhhh..hehehe i sounded like a wolf th..then..anyway i don't know if i remembered to make this a secure frequency..s..sooo indoor voices PLEASE!

*Colt lets out long shush noise down the radio followed by a laughter. He then slumps to the floor passing out and radio falls silent*

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The radio came alive as Annabelle was resting in her house. She'd spent the last hour reading and just enjoying the silence for once before the sudden noise from the radio caused her to jump. She'd forgotten how loud she had set the volume but she worried very little about that when she heard what was coming from the speaker. Slowly closing her book she set it down on the bed beside her reaching for the radio. He was drunk, that much was for certain. Shaking her head she found it amusing but sad at the same time, at least some of the things he was saying when it came to his own happiness. After he had finished she waited a moment to make sure he was done before pressing down on the button.

"Colt...you should put the bottle down and try to get some sleep. Please?"

The last thing she wanted was for him to get himself hurt, or worse killed. Wandering around in a sober state was dangerous enough. Being intoxicated just increased the chances of something bad happening. 

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[Aaron holds down the PTT]

"Oh... rough night? well turn the little dial at the top of the radio thingy, I think that changes the frequency.."

-He pauses, then whispers-

"Oh shit, indoor voices... sorry.."

[Aaron releases the PTT]

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*Jaxon tunes into his radio, shaking his head looking dissapointed*

''Get of off the fucking radio you idiot''

*He releases his PTT and lays back down in the tent*

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