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The United nomads of something or other

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[This is a article written by chad heart on the united people of salvation. all information has been gathered IG and IC for IC purposes a box with a stack of papers will be at the pulkovo bar labeled chad hearts reports]


The United Nomads of Something or Other

( by chad heart )

I first heard of the united people of salvation through from a nice lady named Fae. she was my first encounter with a living soul since the outbreak and hers is another story. She and a man who only introduced him self as black, had gave me a brief view on the groups in the post zombie Apocalypse world i had called home for the last 209 days. Fae and black both stated they are a group of decent lads and lasses who "FIght the good fight", wear pink armbands and generally travel around the country helping people, even if that is doing security.

Now what kind of journalist would i be if i didn't ask how to get in touch with them. Fae using them for her own security needs, had they're radio frequency with a smile. I promtly thanked her again for all she had done for me that day and contacted these fine people. Roy kalo gave me some information on the radio on himself and his group. after hearing it from the horses mouth i decided it was likely worth it to travel to the meeting point he mentioned far north and see what they were really about.

A good day and a half of travelling and i was in sinistock. I met a man man on his way to the meeting point called loosif, he was a new member to the group, so of coarse we traveled all the way north to gather. he seemed a suited fit for the group. he kept asking me if i needed anything, had a few good talks on the way up and he stuck around with me for the better part of the day, then roy himself showed up.


Roy was young for leading a group of people, "fighting the good fight" it all started for him when "those dead mother fuckers were on my lawn" as he so well put. The man him self didn't seem like any of the other group leaders i had been embedded with before. though charismatic and strong willed, my first impressions of roy kalo was that he didn't know what the hell he was doing, but trying to know what he was doing seemed like it was all he could do.

The united people of salvation offered me a almost immediate position in their ranks which i declined and offered that i embed my self with them and write an article on them. i felt very off put that within the first hour of meeting me i was offered such a thing without them really getting to know me or my skill set. hell they didn't even ask me questions about my history or anything like that. just " you seem like a good guy, you should join us". 

The day i met with roy and loosif we traveled to grishino, just east of the north west air field. he did not know his way there, so i used my compass to help, he still got lost following me. we rendezvoused with a good number of the UPS, which took what felt like half a decade. There is even a 71 year old man who carries a machine gun. the only part i can say that is "united" about the UPS is that  a bunch of people are in a group to gather.

So over the next week or so i traveled with the ups. this reporter started traveling with a certain somebody more then others, but thats a developing story. though indeed the UPS is group of good people. they have some issues that make them less then they aspire to be and in my humble opinion, won't ever be due to those issues. There is no organization, just people doing what ever when ever and other people saying what the group should do while others just nod or shrug. The only real time i had seen them "organize" is on my final day with them as they were trying to decided on where to go since they're "brewery" was compromised.  

The communication over the radio is like listening to a kindergarten. Half the time i was with them i rather chose to keep my radio off. As most of it was cancerous to listen to. People always talked over each other. People always either didn't listen to others or only half listened unless they liked said person they were talking to or it was important. Roy would sometimes have to yell for everyone to listen or not talk over someone.

If they are a fighting force, i would never ever be able to tell. There seems to be no military training, just people with guns running around claiming to fight the good fight. often or not characters would be bickering, joking to much with one another. like previously stated it was more of a dare care or kindergarten.

You obviously can see my view on them is clear. Though good people, doing they're best to help the people whom are stuck here, they don't do much else but run town to town nomadic like, trying to keep them selves fed and for the majority simply to gather. within my one week traveling roy was taken from leadership, and everyone seems to now fight for leadership. They need a family sized Winnebago, i think they better suited to that then a military issued transport truck. 

  Now with my view out of the way. Let get to another mans view of the group who was forever psychically changed by his encounter with them. 

Alex "Doc" Camile was a med student who volunteered to join the research and science teams which were appointed to help out the outbreak. he traveled here with his professor. he left a large gap from when he arrived to when he was with the ms-13 group. the doctor claims through a odd short story of play on words, that a psychotic killer had begun to harass and attack him self and his friends within ms-13. The med student whom wears a plate carrier and a ump on his back admitted to killing said mental unstable man. He claims he was just killing a wolf so it wouldn't bite anymore. He ran for maybe 2 or 3 days before the UPS caught up with him. From the stories i heard through word of mouth, this deranged man the doctor killed was with the UPS. i quote, "harbingers of a psychopath". No one in the UPS or the doctor him self stated the exact details only the whys of why they did things. the ups had taken the mans left arm and beat him to a pulp. Torturing a med student for killing a proclaimed deranged psychopathic killer? dosen't sound like fighting the good fight was on the mind of Roy that day. 

I could have not said it better then Alex Camile:

"The UPS is a group of bandits hiding behind alturism"

and for those who do not know, altruism is the principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others.

So dear reader i leave it up to you to decide for your self. You read my first hand experience and another mans.

The nomadic people of something or other. 

A journalistic report by Chad heart




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