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To Clear the Name of The United People of Salvation [Open Freq.]

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*Roy Would Sit down in the old chair, grabbing his radio,and  pushing down the PTT*

"The amount of dissappointment this world has come to has baffled me, but this is unacceptable."

*He would take a deep breath before talking again*

"My Name Is Roy Kalo, leader of The United People of Salvation, and these rumors i keep hearing fill me with anger as these actions I hear just turn my whole families ethics and morals completely around." "My family is not theives, cannibals, or blankly commit murder in the streets." "The United People of salvation is here for the ones who need help, and or need us for anything."

*Roy would Hold the PTT down, as he took a swig of water.*

"We are Here for you people that actually need and wish for help, not to hurt, not to kill."

"I don't care what anyone says, rumors are rumors, The UPS Lives on for the better good, no matter what rumors, and or impersonators come alone, UPS is here for the greater good."

*Roy Releases the PTT, and sets the radio on the counter*

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"Jere hears the radio message, he grabs his radio and press the PTT"

"Hello there Roy, my name is Jere Alander i had the pleasure to meet Ken and the rest of you guys. You did seem like good people to me when we met, after i got the trust of Ken that is.

Ill make sure if i meet people that speaks bad about you, i will share my good experiences to them. I know that youre not bad people."

"Jere releases PTT, and puts it back to his backpack side pocket"

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*Hans hears the message while cleaning the barrel of his suppressed P1, placing it on the table in his hideout and bringing up a folder with photos of all the U.P.S. members. He turns on the radio, checking if the signal was sustainable and started talking*

This is Hans Konig. It has come to my attention that all our fellow mercenaries - me included - have taken hits on members of your group. The pink armbands are what you wear to be recognized, am I wrong? I have gotten a report of an operative today taking down a person with a pink armband, cutting both of his legs with an axe and then executing him with a shotgun shot to the face.  It happened at Green Mountain. The execution being in a similar fashion to your torturing of the client that is requesting this vengeful act.

*He clears his throat and continues his calm, steady speech in a slight German accent*

We work this profession with high honor so we are compelled to give you this advantage of knowing that we are after you, since more than 6 people have requested highly violent and brutal services from us regarding your faction. If you wish to buy us off your back we will give you the opportunity to make some offers. Please do not insult us with them it will make matters for you only worse and the executions even more horrible than the previous one. Take this into consideration and take care.

*Hans turns off the radio station and keeps reloading his clips and magazines, humming along to each bullet sliding in*

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*Anna looks at her radio with a slightly disgusted expression before deciding to push the PTT button down. She clears her throat and speaks with Chernarussian accent.*

Jesus Christ Hans or whatever your name is, can't you just grab your Luger rather than going full Mengele torture porn on people? Honestly either you have a messed up sense of humor that I don't get or you really don't want people to like you...

*She shakes her head.*

I don't know what you UPS people did wrong, but you didn't seem too bad when I met you... so yeah... you might want to find that guy's clients and settle this? Probably just a misunderstanding, right?

*She releases the PTT button and rolls her eyes.*

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*Hans hears the message on the radio station, giving off a quick playful smile and turning on the microphone*

Do not associate me with such old-fashioned fascist ideals. I despise that ideology as much as you do. Our client was tortured by the U.P.S. in a much more horrific manner. Our client wanted our fellow operative to pay them back in double for what their people did to him. We are just warning them due to the heavy contracts we receive against them, giving them time to prepare against our ambushes. We won't torture each one of them...

*He lets out a brief positive laugh*

...no, of course not! That was a bonus as requested by our client. But their numbers will decrease in the following week. It is intriguing what disgusting crap I have heard about you U.P.S., rumors and whatnot. People like you don't get a change of heart so suddenly, I do not trust this. We will continue our operation.

*he puts the radio on stand-by and awaits further replies, intrigued by the participants in the conversation*


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*Roy would Listen in,hearing the chatter as he held the PTT down talking

"Yes What we did to the Mr.Alex was unacceptable, he took one of my friends, my family away, but you can ask him yourself I reached out to him, on a second hand to fix this."

"We are not bad, we are not crooked, and Mr.Hans is it..my radio Frq is 99.9hz...Please come have a talk with me.

*Roy would slowly place the radio on the table,staring at it*

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