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Avatar tutorials (Cropping/resizing images, making a border overlay, adding border to image or gif)

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I've decided to make a video to help show people how to properly crop and resize images, how to make their own border overlay for use with ezgif, and how to add a border in photoshop to static images and to gif images. The video and timestamps can be found below:

0:45 - How to crop the image so that it is in the correct ratio and layout for the website, as well as how to resize your image so it is 150X200 so that it will work with a border overlay on ezgif.com
2:25 - How to make a border overlay to use on ezgif.com
5:18 - How to add your border overlay to an image using ezgif.com (Make sure your avatar use the same dimensions as your overly, 150X200)
7:42 - How to add a border to a static image (jpeg/png) in photoshop
9:05 - How to add a border to an animated image (gif) in photoshop



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wellll its. its good


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This is pretty useful, nice one. 

Thank you for sharing. :P

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Ezgif with a color border can break your gif and turn it one solid color.

Somwtimes ita better to use Lunagif instead. 

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