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Tom Fyfe

Is Anyone out there [Open Freq]

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Tom wakes from his uncomfortable but refreshing slumber

Staring out the window of the barracks  

After clearing the airfield before dozing off he noticed more creeps gathering all over the place

"More creeps to kill"

As he picks up his rifle he thinks "There has to be more people out there"

He picks up his radio and switches to an open freqency

"Hello, My names Tom, I've been walking for days and only seen a handful of people... I'm starting to think that there's no-one left, if there's someone out there,  who needs help, get me on this frequency... I'll be waiting... Hoping."

Tom pockets his radio, closes the door to his room, opens the window, and begins picking off the undead.

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*Cotton caught the frequency by chance while adjusting his radio's settings, surprised at the man's statement. He decided to reply. Cotton's voice is raspy and quiet, but intelligible.*

"Af-After-Afternoon, T-Tom, I'm C-Cot-C-Cott-Cotton. I-I had to ask, um, wher-where have you-you been?
I-It-It-It's ju-just, it's been si-si-six an-and a half m-mo-months si-since the outb-break and som-sometimes people broad-broadcast that they d-don't think there's an-any-anyone else l-left an-an-and it can get con-confusing sometimes, si-since there's often a-a-a lot of-of radio ch-cha-chatter. Y-You haven't cau-caught any of-of it?"

"I-If you haven't b-been in the-the area then, umm, well, tha-that makes sense, but if-if-if you have, umm... I-I just wanted to-to-to ask."

*The transmission ends.*

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Tom hears a slight cracking from his radio and a voice coming through slowly after it

He feels slight relief after the message comes through and presses the PTT button

"Cotton, nice to hear a voice for once that isn't groaning, I only moved inland a few days ago, i didn't find a radio until about a week ago, and batteries are even harder to come by. I was hoping to run into someone before I even got the chance to use this thing. I did however come across a nice man called Ling Long at the airfield, he has took me in but has told me he hasn't seen many people about recently either, I hope everything is ok with you"

Tom Stalls for a brief second before releasing the button.

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*Cotton nods along to the man's statements, now having tangible answers to his questions.*

"Me? Uh, I-I don't have ca-cancer like I-I thought so, I'm-I'm-I'm feeling pr-pretty good. About the ra-radio thing tho-though, i-it's pretty ob-obvious now that I-I-I thi-think ab-about it."

*He considered telling the man of the bar, but remained unsure due to recent events.*

"... P-People... Ten-T-T-Tend to be sc-sc-scattered nowad-d-days. I'm sure i-if you keep listening to-to-to the chatter, y-you'll find, umm, some-someone-some people who, uhh, mm, y-you could go t-to. Ho-Hope you find wha-what you're looking f-for."

*The transmission ends.*

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