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S1: No Value Of Life in Pustoshka

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server/location DayZ Server S1 EU in pustoshka

time  2018-01-07, 02:18

my name: Frank Lloyd

my friends: John Blaze

enemy/suspect: don't know his name i couldn't get a name my game crashed as i killed him 

detailed events: Me and My friend were trying to rob someone and he didn't have a mic so he asked us "why",  we kept telling him to put his hands up and lay down with his backpack on the floor but instead of doing this he decided to pull out a shotgun and try and kill us even though he had an sks and an aks pointing at his face so he ended up dead but he ruined all my friends gear and killed him so this was obviously very annoying for us both as he have been working on our characters for a few days and have got them geared up then it was ruined by  someone who broke a rule or 2 and clearly had no intent of role play because when we first approached him in a building he said "hello" then ran out of the building and ran into a double red and closed the doors whilst we were trying to role play with him and then we decided to follow him into double red since wanted to experience hostile role play and role play in general,  he seemed like a good target for us, since he had no friends and had no military grade weaponary, but he ended up sitting in the double red with his pistol. so we started a conversation with him and tried to role play again, we closed the door to the room to trap him in then we both pointed guns at him and he just whipped his shotgun out and tried to kill us both even though he knew he would most likely die in the situation at hand. The fact he broke a rule didn't annoy us that much but he spoiled the game for us by killing and ruining my friends gear in a situation that shouldn't of happened and should of been a peaceful robbery with no death but instead it ended up with 2 dead and my friend having to re-gear up which will probably be another few days of grinding. And all because someone would rather die than lose a few items and have a good role play. 

Edited by Lloydy2015

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Please update your post so it follows the template, within the next 24 hours or the report will be closed. You also need to update the title of the report to include the server, time, etc. Thanking you.

Everything you need can be found here.

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Hello @Lloydy2015 - Looking at the logs I cannot find anything at midday server time.

Are you sure that it was this time on the server? Also could you please inform us what date it was in your opening post? Please post the date and time of server in your title too, thank you.

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1 minute ago, Lloydy2015 said:

i don't know to be quite honest but it happened like 30 mins to an hour ago



You can find the server time in the top right hand corner of the forums.

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7 minutes ago, Lloydy2015 said:

 2018-01-07, 02:18 thats what it says 

Thank you for the attempt. I will post logs shortly.

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37 minutes ago, Lloydy2015 said:



Come on, does this actually qualify as following the template?

Put the titles of each section, please. So that we can see the difference between the allies and the enemies and other things, it looks like a mess.

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@Lloydy2015 Thank you for updating your post!

And sorry for the post above, been dealing with a lot today. It was really uncalled for.

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Connection logs:


00:11:58 | Player "Frank Lloyd" is connected
00:48:04 | Player "Frank Lloyd" has been disconnected
00:49:01 | Player "Frank Lloyd" is connected
01:25:47 | Player "Frank Lloyd" has been disconnected
01:26:45 | Player "Frank Lloyd" is connected
-No Disconnect Log-

01:05:51 | Player "John Blaze" is connected
-No Disconnect Log-

00:00:55 | Player "Nico Van Beek" is connected 
01:47:41 | Player "Nico Van Beek" has been disconnected

Hit logs:


01:25:21 | "Nico Van Beek SHOT John Blaze by ShotgunMp133 into pelvis."
01:25:21 | "Nico Van Beek SHOT John Blaze by ShotgunMp133 into LeftLeg."
01:25:21 | "Nico Van Beek SHOT John Blaze by ShotgunMp133 into pelvis."
01:25:21 | "Nico Van Beek SHOT John Blaze by ShotgunMp133 into LeftLeg."
01:25:26 | "Frank Lloyd SHOT Nico Van Beek by AKS74U_Black into Chest."

Death Logs:


01:25:21 | Player "John Blaze" has been killed by player "Nico Van Beek"
01:25:27 | "Nico Van Beek DIED Blood <= 0"

Chat Logs:


01:20:14 | Chat("Nico Van Beek"): Hello
01:21:19 | Chat("Nico Van Beek"): I wont shoot
01:21:24 | Chat("Nico Van Beek"): I dont seek any trouble
01:21:43 | Chat("Nico Van Beek"): Actually not
01:21:48 | Chat("Nico Van Beek"): Thats far enough
01:22:24 | Chat("Nico Van Beek"): Well i dont know you, you are heavy armed. And its the apocalypse..
01:22:34 | Chat("Nico Van Beek"): I have some nasty experiences with other people.
01:22:47 | Chat("Nico Van Beek"): Look ill put my gun away
01:23:00 | Chat("Nico Van Beek"): Could you repeat that question?
01:23:15 | Chat("Nico Van Beek"): South
01:23:35 | Chat("Nico Van Beek"): Okay
01:24:15 | Chat("Nico Van Beek"): sorry i didnt understand
01:24:18 | Chat("Nico Van Beek"): You want to trade?
01:24:28 | Chat("Nico Van Beek"): Yes
01:24:41 | Chat("Nico Van Beek"): I have a revolver and a shotgun aswell.
01:25:12 | Chat("Nico Van Beek"): Why

Calling in the following people to post their povs:

@John Blaze - John Blaze

@jasperschellekens2 - Nico Van Beek

Povs already posted: @Lloydy2015 - Frank Lloyd

Please post any unedited video evidence you may have regarding the situation and any allies you may have had at the time that have not been listed.

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Name: John Blaze

My Friend: Frank Loyd

enemy/suspect:Nico Van Beek

Me and my friend Frank loyd wanted to get some action and decided to try and rob someone. we saw a guy all by himself and thaugt that he would be a good target. this guy did not have a working microphone and started to avade us, even when we tryed to talk to him. (bad rp) he ran into a doubble red building and pulled his pistol out. my friend started to approch him with his hands in the air. he put his gun back and we talked to the guy to get him distracted while Frank Loyd closed the door. we pointed our weapons at him and told him to drop his backpack and get on the ground multiple times. he typed why in the chat and after that he immediately pulled out his weapon in his hands. i thaught he was going to drop i but then pointed the weapon at me and shot me dead. i tryed to shoot him but my gun was jammed.  keep in mind there where 2 people pointing heavy weapons at him. this is lack of value to life, rp and many days of grinding gone.

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Pov Nico van Beek:

Nico just finishes his Apple as two men walks in the house. They are uniformed and looking dangerous, Nico thinks.. Nico greets the men and leaves the house. The men continue searching the house and Nico leaves the house. Suddenly Nico notices the two armen men following him. "I gotta get myself in safety" and Nico starts running to a house and locks him self in.

who are these men? Bandits? Gouvernement? As Nico hides in the house one of the men approaches Nico with his hands in the air, telling Nico that they are friendly. Nico is a very paranoid person so he decide to keep his Shotgun In a position to draw it fast if something goes in. Suddenly one of the two men points his gun at Nico and perform a hostile situation. When the two men were standing close to eachother, Nico decided to take his Shotgun and shoot the men to death. Nico pulls the trigger and BOOM; a men falls on the ground,  while the other men tries to leave the small room Nico Reloads his Shotgun and shoots again. Unfortunately Nico's gun Jannes and the man was able to leave the room. Nico reloads his Shotgun to remove the jammed bullet, peaks around the corner and BOOM. Nico is dead.


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@jasperschellekens2 [NVFL]:Not Guilty


To recap the situation, we begin with @Lloydy2015 and his friend @John Blaze approaching the suspect in question - @jasperschellekens2, with intent to rob him. Jasper- AKA Nico, claims to bolt to a red house to hide from the OP and his friend, skeptical of the two, pistol now in hand. Lloyd approaches the red building with his hands in the air to distract him. Suspect holsters his weapon while the two speak to him. Suddenly, they tell him to put his hands up and put his backpack on the ground, he responds via text with “Why” during this berating. Instead of putting his backpack down he decides to take the chance, pulling out a shotgun and blasting Lloyd’s friend in the pelvis and leg, which results in the death of OP’s fellow comrade. Lloyd reacts by putting a bullet in the suspect’s chest, and so the event reported comes to an end.

Jasperschellekens2 has not been found guilty of No Value For Life, and we’re about to go into detail as to why.
NVFL, as described by rule 5.6, states the following:

  • 5.6 Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight.

In the situation at hand Jasper was in fact, not heavily outnumbered. He had a reasonable chance of surviving as the situation was a two versus one. He was armed with a shotgun which can be more than enough to hold your own versus two people armed with an SKS and an AKS in point blank range. In addition to this, he managed to kill at least one of the two people holding him up before dying. The fact that he failed in surviving a one versus two firefight does not fall under NVFL. Had the suspect been facing for example, three or four heavily armed players alone, then could such an action be considered NVFL as he would be outnumbered by far. Alternatively had Jasper been armed with only a weak pistol or a melee weapon and attempted to kill the two of you and failed in doing so, depending on his surroundings and the environment this could also fall under NVFL. With that being said the following applies.


@jasperschellekens2 [NVFL]: Not Guilty. No Punishment.

Verdict by Chewy, signed by @Para and @Stagsview

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