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To The Old Viridian Members [Private]

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*As Liam sits by the fire, he takes his radio out of his backpack, hands shaking and presses the PTT*

"This Is Liam Hart, requesting to speak to the old Viridian Members."

*He clears his throat*

"Curtis Jones has passed away. He was too weak and was struggling. From what I heard he died with his new family surrounding him. Curtis was very important to many of us, especially me. I want us all to reunite and say a final goodbye to him, he deserves it."

*Liam stops to think how can word his next sentence*

"I know that since most of us left to head north and move on, that some of us haven't been happy with the rest of the others and some arguments have took place. I want us all to forget about that to memory a lost friend. Just us. His Family."

"He is buried at a graveyard south of Vybor and I want us to go see him. Together. If you could make it please reply and tell me when you're free as I'm sure you are all busy living your new lifes."

"Anyway, he didn't deserve this. It was too soon."

"Liam Hart out"

*Liam Releases the PTT and packs his radio back as a single tear falls from his eye*

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*As Eddie hears Liam on his radio, he listens closely. Eddie, still visibly distraught, he waits for Liam's broadcast to end. As the radio turns silent, Eddie presses the ptt button on the radio.*

*Before speaking the sound of Eddie clearing his throat can be heard.*

"Liam..."*Eddie says, clearly you can hear the pain and hurt in his voice* "This is Eddie. I was going to let everyone know about Curtis." *Eddie's voice starts to crack* ''But... I couldn't bring myself to do it, just knowing that he's gone is hard enough..., you know one day someone is here and the next day they are gone, it just does something to you. Meeting the Valentine's and seeing how they were hurting over the loss of their brother Luca and seeing first hand the pain and sorrow they are going through each passing day, it does hurt a man's heart. Now with the passing of Curtis, I remember how that pain feels and man does it fucking hurt! Does it get any better? Does the pain ever leave you? I don't think it does! 

*Tears begin to roll down Eddies face as he is speaking into the radio*

"This place is all I know now and it saddens me to think how many friends we have all lost! I wish one day that things will change and we can all stop burying friends we are close too before it's their time dammit!"

*Eddie releases the ptt button on his radio and stares blankly out the window, he then presses the button on his radio once more and speaks*

 "Liam, of course I will be there. You name the time and I will make it! You be safe old friend and I will see you soon!"

*Eddie releases the button on the radio and puts it away, he then continues to stare out of his window knowing that everyday is not given and you must treat them as if they are your last...*

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