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Ban Appeal - POV

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: Its fair, i failed to post my POV i just thought as me and @brk were together our POVs would be the same. Which they are and felt my POV would add nothing to the report.  


Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

My POV is the following: So it began in kabinino when we spoke to a doctor and then a V3S pulls up, we help to repair their wheel and kill the zombies that were agro'd to them, Nick Shepherd and Awimba spoke to them whilst me and Callum provided cover just incase. About 5 minutes later me and Callum saw a couple guys heading towards kabinino, we told nick shepherd and awimba so we all decided to jump ship and regroup at stary to assess what were going to do, on our way we all began to be chased in different directions and got split up with each other, one of them stopped me and Callum asking us for a trade but we declined as he was rather hostile. We ran towards Stary hill, it was then Shepherd and Nick told us over radio that they were talking to someone near stary pond, By this time we were east of stary. Then nick tells us on radio that the men want to speak to us. Shepherd goes onto radio to speak to them.


Would you like to achieve with this appeal: Have my temp ban removed. 


What could you have done better?:I could of just posted my POV.

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Hello @Little_Clash,

It is I, coming here graciously to do your ban appeal.

We request that all people post their POVs, while your POV might be fairly similar to your friends you may include something that he may have left out, whether by accident or intentionally. Copying your friends POV like you would copy his homework is not only downright lazy, it is also dishonest and also quite unfair to your friend. Unfair in the way that he had to go through all the effort of writing a POV and you just sit there and start saying "Nah mate, let me copy yours". It is also pretty clear cut that it is a complete waste of our time to work on such a report without a proper POV from a party in which refuses to cooperate.

We will be revoking your temporary ban now as we see no reason to keep you banned as you have given us your POV, but let this be your warning, we will not tolerate this in the future and we will take harsher actions with you if you do this again. You will not, however, see the points you gained from the report revoked.

With that being said, the following applies;

Outcome: Points Stay + Temporary Ban Lifted

Signed by @Chewy & @Para

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