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Gustav Valek [Private]

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*Anton and Amy are sitting at the bar, a quietly buzzing radio in between them. After adjusting his armband Anton grabs the radio and starts switching through frequencies until he finds the one he was looking for. He then pours Amy another drink while talking Chernarussian to Ludvik who is standing in the doorway.* Bring me my notes, please. *After a few moments, Ludvik hands Anton a leatherbound book engraved with a Kolovrat and Anton opens it. It doesn't take long and he finds the page he was looking for. He double checks the frequency and then pushes down the PTT button, speaking in Chernarussian.*


*He pauses.*

I believe we have things to talk about, so I will start. You and your own have committed crimes against our nation and this will no longer be tolerated. 

*He takes a look at the notes.*

I hereby accuse you of murder on numerous accounts, torture, slavery, extortion and betrayal of your nation.

*He closes the book.*

Your people and you yourself will forever abandon this degeneracy you glorify by calling it a business. You will free all those you have enslaved, no matter if young or old. All of you will hand themselves over to redeem themselves in a penal division, bleeding for their fatherland or if they are foreign for the country they have exploited for so long.

*He pauses again.*

You have one week.

*He puts his right fist to his heart.*

Sláva Černarusy

*Anton releases the PTT button and nods towards Ludvik who took notes while Anton was speaking.*


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*Gustav picks up his radio, chuckling to himself and shaking his head. He lifts his radio to his mouth, holding down his PTT. A Chernarussian accent is heard.*

Sure Anton, let me just throw away everything I've been working towards.

*A laugh is heard as he pulls the radio away from his mouth, it is distant. There is a lengthy pause before he continues*

You and your men are thugs. Would you like me to polish the pedestal you've so gracefully seated yourselves upon? You seem to be forgetting how barbaric your own men can be, and you want to talk to me about 'degeneracy'? Please...  I will be doing nothing you have asked. You have stolen from my organisation, disrespected the trust I gave you and will command nothing else from us. 

Na shledanou, Anton.

*He releases his PTT, placing his radio back into its holster.*

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*Before Anton can pick up the radio Amy grabs it from the counter. She pushes down the PTT and sounds fucking furious as she speaks.*

You really think I'm fucking property? Lad I hate to break it to you but I'm a HUMAN BEING. I'm not something you can just sell on to gain fucking profit. Take the offer and stop acting so high and mighty you fucking scumbag.

*Anton puts one hand on her shoulder and slowly takes the radio out of her hands, after a short pause he pushes down the PTT button again, speaking in Chernarussian.*

I was hoping you would say that.

*He releases the PTT button and nods towards Tully, who is sitting in the next room writing on a piece of paper.*


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