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Pablo Esteban

The Journal of A Broken Man

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Thursday; Jan. 4th.

It's been months since I've left Devil's Castle, the one place I used to call home. Carrying the burden of the fallen, I've been stuck in Southern Chenarus trying to find my remaining squad, with no avail. I figured it was time to move on and move north. 

I stumbled into Vybor and seemingly a trader post. My suspicions were confirmed when I met a man named Ford. Seemed nice enough and had a small group backing him. I was initially attempting to fill up a Pot to boil the chicken I found in the empty traders post. He came down the street firing at zombies, which had no chance against the small group. He immediately approached me and began speaking to me. He said he was a sort of farmer and helped the traders post. He also noticed the Mosin on my back that I "borrowed", or rather traded my old AK that my buddy had before his death. 

I was taken aback due to his friendliness. I've met friendly people, but they all had a wicked eye. He was different. Immediately asking me if I needed anything, I replied no, as I was just about to head to Novy. I asked him if he found any of the OREL uniform pants at the police station, as he mentioned that he came from that direction. After giving me some help locating it, I set out. Before I left, however, he gave me the frequency, 91.3, to contact him and the trader's outpost. When reaching Stary, a sedan sped past me, going towards Vybor. More interested in the working car, I turned around and headed back to Vybor. 

When arriving, the trading outpost was barren. After calling out many times with no answer, I assumed Ford and his group went to scavenge for supplies and to restock the trading outpost. I decided to climb up to the roof of the warehouse that the tents of the outpost were stored to get a better view and to see if I could spot Ford. Seeing a man run into the compound with a blue armband, I immediately took up arms as Ford warned me about those in armbands, but I could not remember which color. I saw the man run into the trading outpost and begin sifting through the tents. Announcing myself, I stood up and yelled "What's up, bud?" With my rifle drawn, he could not see me until I told him where I was. Immediately when he spotted me, he began to curse me and tell me to get off the roof. Believing that the camp was ran by friendly people, I figured he was not part of them. I refused, stating I would like to stay up here in case of Ford returning. That really ticked him off. 

I was starting to notice between his yelling that he had a slight accent, but could not place the nationality. I asked him his name as Ford explained a girl named Faye(?) was running the place and he was stating that he ran the place. I could tell I was in danger so I called out to Ford on the radio. He responded saying he had no idea who the man was and that I should be wary. Fortunately, Ford was just to the north and walked in when it was getting out of hand. They briefly chatted, or in the man's case, yelled. I figured Ford would want hostilities to stop, so I climbed down from the roof. 

The man, however, was still not happy with us near the trading outpost. Figuring out that his name was Louie and was with the Blue Fangs, we now knew he was apparently with the group that ran the place. After calling us out and giving us proper sailor names, he told us to leave. Ford and I, wanting to avoid any violence, decided to leave. When leaving, we met with a man that had a Eastern accent, presumably Russian. We warned the man of the hostile guy and to steer clear, yet the man decided to go. As soon as we turned to leave the man we just spoke with, shots rang out right behind us. Being full auto, we figured that wasn't just a man taking out a zombie. We ran back to find out the source of the shots, seeing Louie and one of Ford's men on the floor. The doctor of the outpost came and began treating Ford's man as Louie was dead. When seeing us all clumped up, I decided to spread out and secure a perimeter in case something else occurred. I got back up on the roof (without getting yelled at) and noticed another man come from the North. Yelling down to him, he could not hear me so I climbed back down and spoke to him. He had the same accent as the man we met while leaving. While I was talking to the man, a thick Russian accent yelled out on the other side of the wall where Ford was "EVERYBODY ON THE GROUND!" 

I immediately told the man beside me to get down and stay here while I flanked to see what was up. After running towards the north to get a better view, I saw the man pull out an AK and run to the situation. He was one of them. 

After getting eyes on, Ford and his remaining men were held at gunpoint and shoved into the small building beside them. Not knowing the details, I held fire and kept watch. After an hour, Ford was moved back outside and in a line. To my dismay, they were being transported. I began to yell over the 91.3 frequency to try to find help with no response. One of the men faced my direction, so I assumed I was spotted and darted back behind a close house. 

When coming back out from hiding after assuming they either lost eyes or didn't notice me, the men were gone and so were the hostages. After searching South for about a half hour, I gave up.

I do hope that Ford and his men make it out safely. 

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Thursday (Evening); Jan. 4th.

Came back from Southern Vybor to see if anyone was left behind - dead or alive. On the run back, I faced Louie, presumable revived by his Blue Fangs. After cursing me out, he certainly lost some memory as he thought I was one of the hostages. Besides words being exchanged, nothing happened. I darted away after the conversation was over and went to the tree line. I saw the rest of his crew roll up behind him and begin robbing another man that I just spoke to before talking to Louie again. This time, I had no remorse; I had to find Ford. When arriving the outpost, there was people inside, speaking. Trying to see if any of them had met Ford, I spoke up to them. The awkwardness was obvious.

Continuing the conversation, I met each of them, with there being 3 there. Jenna, Joey and an unnamed man, I found out. Each person was a stranger to the next and Jenna and Joey have never came to these parts before. After making small talk, the unnamed man with an accent spoke up, saying he did know Ford, but has not seem him in awhile. I decided, now that I knew these people weren't with the others, to talk about Louie and the Blue Fang. 

Confirming my suspicions, the unnamed man said Louie did not run the place and the Blue Fang were a bandit sort of group. No regard to human life. The other said they met Blue Fang who were kind, however my decision was made to look out for Blue Fang and to not trust their lying eyes. I found out that there were two girls running the outpost and Faye was with them, confirming Ford's thoughts and making me trust his word. 

While speaking to the three, another man started to come and bring a lot of gear to the front door. After speaking to them, I discovered he was in Ford's group and that after they were robbed, Ford and his men fled to Green Mountain. 

After cooking up some Cow steak for the others when the sun started to dip down, I could feel a sense safety with them. When the meal was done, each person went their own ways to sleep for the night, now that they knew the threat was gone - hopefully for good.

==End Log==


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Yaay!! Putting up a journal I see? It's a great way to organize events and things that have happened IC or in RP if you ever plan to expand or read back on the things that happened! I hope you continue to add to it, Paabbbllooo~ <3

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3 hours ago, Brayces said:

Yaay!! Putting up a journal I see? It's a great way to organize events and things that have happened IC or in RP if you ever plan to expand or read back on the things that happened! I hope you continue to add to it, Paabbbllooo~ <3

still waiting on a updates from lo's.

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Just now, Romenthegreat said:

still waiting on a updates from lo's.

I gotta update it with the most recent happenin's! Lots of sad, and scary stuff!

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Monday; Jan 8th

Looking back, I never celebrated new years. Not much to celebrate I guess. Just another year in this inescapable prison. Dreary, dreary, sad, sad. I've read the fallen's journals. It just makes me sad to read the dead's journals. They struggled to only die in the end. I want to be the exception.  

Anyways, the past weekend was dreadfully boring. All I did was hunt, fish and twiddle my thumbs. I stayed away from Vybor due to more hostilities - I'll get into that later. I guess that's what happens after an intense time. Friday was the last of the major happenings. 


On Friday I returned from my sleeping shack and met two women who were speaking to eachother in front of the outpost. Their names were Anne and Valentine. Hearing Anne's name before from the group I met Thursday evening, I asked about her owning the place and the hostilities with Louie. Further into the conversation, it became harder to understand Anne as she had an accent, which I can not put a name on. She must not have noticed, but it was getting thicker as she lapsed back into it. I was looking at Valentine for help understanding when I heard a shot on the other side of Vybor. I said I would check it out and walked across Vybor. I was not very alarmed as I figured it was a survivor shooting an infected. I came across a man named... I think it was Hayden. Nice fellow. After speaking a bit and confirming my belief, he told me he was trying to find the Vybor outpost as he heard it from a fellow survivor. I told him about the outpost and walked with him across town. On the way he mentioned he hadn't seen anyone for days and I was the first in awhile. When getting back to Anne and Valentine, there were to more people. Not sure their names. After introducing Hayden to Anne and Valentine, I took my leave to check around town for more survivors.

When I returned back to the outpost, Anne and Valentine were gone for a "walk" and the other two survivors bugged out for one reason or another. Hayden remained. I asked if he needed to do anything which he replied "not really." I told him I was thinking of revisiting North West Airfield. He was nice enough to accompany me there, a place I haven't visited in some time.

On the way, he told me how he got into this mess. He was just a backpacker trying to escape the busy city world and started in northern Russia. Instead, got trapped into mayhem. 

Flashing back to an old group I came from, I did my usual job of keeping watch while Hayden cleared the tents. Nothing much besides AUGs. Grabbed one and put my mosin on my back, needed it to restock the trading outpost. Easy enough getting there and back. Literally zero people besides the two of us. The lack of people put me on edge.

When arriving at the outpost, there was a surprisingly lack of people there. I noticed two people coming down the road, however. Valentine and man in a bright blue jacket. I recognize that fashion more than anyone now. It was Louie.

He came up to me and asked if I was the man on the roof, which I did not respond to. He pressed further. I answered with another question "Why does it matter to you?" I was not about to give this jerkoff any satisfaction. He replied that everything was "just business" and he had nothing against me. The long silences were awkward, and Valentine and Hayden's faces showed it. He curtly told Valentine that they were leaving and said that I was going to stay there. He then turned and returned down the road he came from. I never did answer his question. 

After the incident, I was very on edge. After banking the supplies we ran, I popped out front to set up a perimeter and check out the area for other survivors. I didn't even take two steps outside of the door when a man ran up from behind the store house and to the water pump. Took me off guard sure, but what put me on edge is yesterday, the people that have dealt with Louie before said his gang arrived slowly, going to the water pump and grouping up. To say the least, I was pale. I walked back inside without asking the man's name and asked if Hayden would follow me. He was clearly confused at first, but after briefly explaining, he followed me.

I took us to the gas station on the other side of Vybor. A good place that was far enough away to avoid wandering eyes but close enough to respond to shots in the outpost. 

I took this time to get to know Hayden. While I won't share too much here, I explained my past and he shared his. We also shared our losses. I think in a place like this, it brings people closer than ever. After about an hour, I decided it would probably be good to head back. 

When getting back, Anne and a multitude of people were there. A man and woman in matching outfits were by the pumps. They were quiet compared to the rest. Honestly, I couldn't tell you why I didn't trust them, but I didn't. Trying to get over my distrust, I tried speaking to them and asking their names. The woman shyly responded with that she was doing good with the man following suit. No names. They seemed like they were fearful or shy. I decided to look past it. As soon as I stopped prodding them, they took off. Odd couple they are. I decided to set up camp for the night and dismiss myself from the group and say goodbye to Hayden. 

The next morning I decided not to return to Vybor with Louie still around. I didn't want to push my luck. I set off south and started to hunt in the base of Green Mountain.


And that's where I've been so far. It's the first day of a new week. I don't want to keep isolating myself. It's time to head back up to Vybor.


Post Note: I want to start keeping a list of friendly faces so anyone coming across this journal, whether I'm dead or alive still, can benefit.








Valentine (Seems nice, but seen with Louie)


Be careful of:


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Nice work @Pablo Esteban! Another update! I like how you're detailing IC/IG things and writing them out as your character would! I see you've met quite a few of the dedicated RPers like Infamous and maybe Scarlett? Not too sure, sometimes people go by fake names IC for various reasons. EITHER WAY! I'm happy to see you're having a great time, I'm sorry I'm not in game when you are, haha. Also! I will be gone for about two weeks in 3 days. So, if you ping me I'll be AFK!

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Well shit, I missed you in camp. These naps I take are getting in the way of us seeing eachother alive again! lol...well..hope you stick around. Glad you're still alive and kicking!



Edited by Callahan

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Tuesday; Jan. 9th

While I'm cooking the meat of the wolves I've been hunting, I've been thinking. What if I held a radio station or podcast?

It's odd, sure. People will think I'm insane more than likely, but hey, isn't everyone a little insane? I think I'm going to do it. Ah, with my voice and this dinky Walkman and a few cassette tapes I found in a hunter's lodge, I bet I can bring back how it used to be. I've been listening to the music on these tapes. All classical and some Russian pop music. The Russian pop isn't to bad to be honest. Better than the rap from America. Couldn't stand it. Anyways, the music has kept me upbeat even with the lingering unease from Louie and his men. Why keep it to myself?

The Walky Talkie will probably be my means of broadcast as I haven't found an actual working radio in a while. Maybe people will tune off the station and not listen. But those few who are out there and are wanting a reminder of how things used to be, that's who I'd do it for. That's the way to get us to bond. 

Ah, I can think of it already. People with the Walky Talkies in Chernarus will be able to tune to a station where they can just listen in and hear... hope. And it's a great conversation starter I bet. Just imagine, people walking past each other can faintly hear from the other's earbuds, my station. Or a man huddled by the fire, just trying to sleep to avoid his hunger pangs, pulls out his walkie talkie and give the station a listen, escape everything. A man, shot in the back by his friends, bleeding out and looted for everything except his almost broken walkie talkie. Listens in to the station, his death song. A kid, stuck here through one means or another. That's who I want to fight for. To play music to. So they can escape. 

Now, I can't dedicate myself to it of course. I have a life of my own. I'll have to set up a time for it, make sure my batteries on my walkie and Walkman are charged, get the word out, all of that. But it'll be there. It has to be. 

==End Log==

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Tuesday; Jan. 9th (Night)

I finally found you. Took me all night, but I found you. They apparently didn't care about a journal about someone, so they tossed you away. I'm glad they did. This thing gives me hope. 

The men in black, which I think I'll call them, have just been added to my shit-list. 

I'll try to recollect what happened earlier today, but I don't remember much. 


Tuesday; Jan. 9th (Noon)

Came up to Vybor from my hunting lodge and was greeted with some friendly faces. Saw Jenna and a new girl... who was dressed just like me. I assumed it was Faye, and when asking, I was correct. There was a couple other guys there too. Full black uniform with an orange armband. (These were the bastards) 

After a small chat, I decided to put away the meat I hunted for and the other goodies I came across. Freed up my back pain and gave them supplies for other that may need it. After dropping the stuff off, I joined Faye and the others again. That's when the shooting started. 

I heard a small gunfight go off, and told the others I would investigate. I was trying to ease the situation and not put people in a panic. When running over, I spotted three men running around. I approached the one closest to me that was in a bush. I was also greeted by his cock. He was pissing in a bush. Right next to a gunfight. People these days. Getting to the next guy, he had the same outfit as the other men in black. After a brief questioning, I found out it wasn't him. I decided to approach the last guy. 

When I spoke to the man, he had a thick Russian accent and was very twitchy. Same demeanor as Louie. When asking about the shooting, he said he did it. When I asked why and what happened, he said a man needed to be dealt with and was dealt with. After this, he repeated words I heard Louie said. He told me it's none of my business and to screw off. Not wanting to endanger the town or the men I was with, I decided to do that. I went back to meet up with the pissing man and the man in black. 

I told the man in black to try to find the body and that I would return to give the news to Faye and the others. When I got back to the camp, the two men were startled by me even though I was jogging straight towards them. Apparently my blue cammies works on land too. Anyhow, I told them the news, but as soon as I finished, Faye asked the two men in black to follow her into the warehouse. It seemed serious. I backed off and headed towards Jenna, a friendly face. I asked if she really remembered me. After some help, I could see the cogs in her brain whirring. She finally remembered me for giving her some steak.


Good to know I have some reputation here. I don't want to be forgotten


Anyhow, I decided to check out Vybor a bit. I came across a man with a MP5K. Can't remember his name. He seemed nice enough. I headed back to camp. When arriving, Faye and the other were done with their chat. Eavesdropping a bit at the end of the chat, I think one of their boys were causing trouble by throwing flashbangs and smoke. The talk seemed to end on a good note with no hostilities.  

We began to hear shots from the south, so we all headed over. It ended up being the man with an MP5K shooting some infected. After Faye giving him a talk about shooting around Vybor, we went back. I should mention a man named Eli was also around at this time. Quiet guy. When we got back, we just fell into a relaxed state. I'm an idiot for letting my guard down. 

What I noticed and brushed off was that the men in black were gone. I saw Faye and Jenna talking to seemingly nothing and laughing. I asked Faye over and asked if either I was a little troubled or they were as I saw no one even though they were having a conversation I could only hear one side of. It turns out my gas mask may have been strapped too tightly. I was the one in the wrong, someone was there, but I guess I couldn't see him. 

More gunshots to the west. Being me, I headed straight for them. Saw men running around in the forest and they ran off. These gunfights started getting me uneasy. No, that's not the right word. Scared. First time I've actually been kinda scared in awhile. Louie gave me unease, but this was different. 

I don't want them to disturb the small comfortable area that I've found in a long time. 

I headed back. On the way I met a man named... Oleg I think? I have no idea. Russian name I believe. He had the blue armband I've seen on all the people that run the Vybor settlement. After introduction, we headed back. When arriving, I heard gunshots all around. From the west, from the north and the east. We were surrounded by gun fights. I was honestly scared at this point. Doing the only thing I thought of doing, I headed north as I saw some men close. I had to investigate. I didn't even check the girls. Idiot. 

When the two men saw me, they took off. They were in a uniform I haven't seen before. I finally decided to head back to the camp and see if they were ok. 

When I got in the compound, the door was closed and there was gunfire in the warehouse. My heart dropped. I feared the worse. I hugged the outside wall and made my way to the other rooftop to get a better angle and see into the windows. When passing the warehouse, I heard a man begging for his life only to hear a full auto AK being fired. It hit the wall I was right next to. I could see the dust fly off the wall on my side. The man was dead. It became clear the attackers were not with Jenna and Faye. And that they didn't have mercy. 

I got on the roof and peered in the window where I saw a man standing.


A man in black. 


And Jenna's body beneath his feet. 


I'm not even close to Jenna or Faye or anybody who runs this place. I don't think they even really know my name or remembered me all that well, which was apparent with Jenna. But she was gone. Is she? Did they just knock her out? Is she dead? I don't know, and I didn't care. I also didn't know if this man was the killer. I asked if he was with Jenna and Faye, revealing myself. He replied with only please get out of the area. I knew the man. He seemed friendly before. I decided to give him the chance and ask again. He replied with that he was and that he had a blue arm band on and that he killed the attackers and it was safe inside. He obviously thought I couldn't see him. I called him on his lie and he told me to get off the roof and if I did, I would not get hurt. 

While I want to fight to avenge Jenna, he said he had snipers on the hill. I couldn't take on him with an AK and my with a mosin and not knowing if he had snipers and where they were. I wanted to be a hero, but I was also scared. So I got down. And I ran. 

I ran. 

Why did I run? 

I should have saved them.

I should have saved the people who don't even remember me. Because I remember them.

But I ran. 

I made it just outside the compound when I felt a sharp pain in my chest and that was all that I remember. 


After that, I don't remember much. I awoke with nothing on me besides my undershirt and underwear and some rags at Berenzino. I had to make it back.

When I finally got back, no one was here besides Eli. Not even bodies. Eli must not have been here as he doesn't know what happened. He patched me up as I took some hits from some infected on the way. Didn't know he was the medic. Nice guy.

Anyhow, here I am, writing in a cramped closet in Vybor. It's stuffy and dusty in here, but I can't risk being seen anymore. I intend on finding Faye and Jenna... or their bodies. 



Ford, Anne, Hayden, Joey, Jenna, Faye, Oleg (?)

People with blue armbands, learned they are called the Kingsmen




Be wary of:



Merciless Killers: 

Men in Black with orange armbands.

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Thursday; Jan 19th. (Evening)


It seems that forgetting part is really hitting me hard. 

Love this place to death. Vybor is a quaint little lively area. But it's not perfect. I showed up today to be greeted by the place brimming with people. If I had to count, there was 30 people there. But, as it happens all the time, the shots rang out. Men ran towards it. 

I see that there are two groups that are employed by the trader. Kingsmen run it and stock it, the new purple bands protect them in return for better good, more than likely. Easy concept. But I noticed more people wearing the local OREL uniforms. Starting to remind me of the Navy. But there's too much. I hate it. I don't want to be reminded of it again. 

Fae seems to not remember me or not trust me. Whenever I speak to her, she says Fae isn't here. Is it because I ran? I know I ran; I hate that I did it. But I don't want to be shunned. 

Maybe it's time for me to move on. If I remember correctly, there's a lake at the northern border of Chenarus. I bet there's no one there. No one to hate me I guess. If I'm not in a group, people just brush me off. Or am I just a bad conversationalist? I don't know. But it seems they are shunning me or I have no reputation.

I should move on.... shouldn't I?

.... Shouldn't I?

==End log==

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Nooo Pablo! I wish I was around to rp with you. So much to tell you. I'm hiding south of Svet, waiting til hostilities die down in Vybor. Still enjoying reading your journal!

Ford out.

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Thursday; Jan. 11. (Night)

I can barely see the paper it's so dark. I've made my decision. I need to head out. No one has heard from Ford nor Lo. I need to find Lo. I need to. It's time to move north. To our old hideout. The lake.

I'm going to leave a note for Ford and Lo at Vybor. I'll tell them I'm far north if they need me. 91.3. I'll be there.


==End Log==

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