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To Ken

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*he picks up his radio and presses the PTT and you hear a strained voice speak through*

*Hey Ken this is Curtis, just wanted to see how you are and also to let you know i just met your Daughter recently, glad you and her got to finally be reunited with one another.*

*Releases his PTT and drops his radio next to him*

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*Ken picks up his radio with his right hand, looking at the stump on his left arm where his left hand used to be.

He exhales, then presses down on the PTT*

"Hey Curtis, giving the circumstances I'm doing pretty well. My daughter is here, and that's all I really need to be happy anymore.

She is pretty much what keeps me going nowadays.

I kind of lost my left hand to a friend I've known since the start.

Maybe I deserved it.

Hope you're hanging in there too Curtis, thanks for the call."

*Ken releases the PTT*

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