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The Kalo Daily Show #1 (Open Freq)

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  *Jerome presses a button on a tape player,as he sat in his comfy recliner. He took out his radio, holding down the button on the radio. The tape player plays some stereotypical news intro music . He presses the button it again after a few seconds, pausing the music. He began speaking in his raspy voice *

" Hey hey hey. It's grandpa Kalo here. Were here with the first official installment of The Kalo Daily Show!"

* Jerome presses the 2nd button on the tape player, and an applause comes from the player *

" Since it's our first time, I'll go over our format. Everyday at..."

* Jerome looks at his watch and says *

" Five, Thirty. Cause I gotta sleep at around six, or I hear Roy and his lady friend going at it... Anyway! "  

* He coughs hard, and continues his introduction * 

" Here on the Roy Kalo show, we're gonna have three daily segments. Oh ya, you heard me right boy, three segments daily! The first is a summary of events in my life today, the second is gonna be the weather with the one and only 'Ritz', and the third is where I tell a story from my life, and if something especially entertaining happens in the world, then i'll mention that as well. "

* Jerome clears his throat, leaning toward the window, and spits out *

" So far today, we have done nothing. I kind of just sat here all day. Oh, a few hunters dropped by and said hello, they seemed nice, for a couple a white boys".

* He pressed the button, playing the intro music , then pausing it again *

" Here in the 'recording studio', we have our weatherman. He wants his identity to be a secret, so here he is 'RITZ'"

* Another man takes the radio, speaking into it. He was obviously putting on a fake accent, and he couldn't pick an accent *

" Hey, its ya boi Ritz here, comin at you with the first weather update "

* He takes a paper from Jerome's hand, and reads off the page *

" So I looked outside at the sky today, and it seems pretty cold... and Grandpa Jerome here knows when it's gonna get colder, and it will ".

* He gives the radio back to Jerome*

* Jerome takes the radio back, holding down the button. Then he hit a button on the tape player, playing the end of the introduction music *

" And lastly, we tell a story of my life. Today I'll tell the story of how my mother met my father. It was a beautiful night, in the year 1947, with a bright full moon hanging in the sky. My father Tobias had gotten into a argument with his parents about getting married soon. My mother Vicky, was bored of her normal life, and decided to run from home. Vicky ended up spending the night on the edge of the Kalo family farm. She sat along the stream, singing to herself. Her voice was beautiful, it soothed the soul of even the most hardened of men. Tobias stormed out of the house, and ended up walking the edge of their property. Then he heard it, her singing, and it warmed him to the core. He approached the bank of the stream, and crouched down, listening. After that one song, he knew he wanted to be with her forever".

* He took his canteen, having a sip of water*

" And that's all everyone. I will be listening for responses, only until around Six".

* Jerome rewinded, and played the into music again, before letting go of the button on the radio *

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oleg switched channels before going to sleep hoping the static would help him sleep. no such luck. 

"what the hell is this crap?"

he picked up his radio and pressed the ptt button his voice well annoyed and some what disturbed.

" this has to be the most sad thing i have heard on radio ever. a daily talk show with a dusty old fart telling stories about his past. someone should have left you in a retirement home you old fuck."

oleg stirs awake and shoots a zombie outside the window he was sleeping under. slightly satisfied with the release of frustration he continues speaking.

"i hope you're next broadcast is you choking on your own old man pills."

oleg lets his hold of the button go and packs up his things and goes on a security sweep of the compound. 

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*Presses his PTT, confused*

"What on earth is this shit. I've had enough of that."

*Releases the PTT and shakes his head*

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[Aaron listens to the radio broadcast and the irrelevant bigdicking that comes after and holds down the PTT]

"Don't listen to these twats, keep doing what your good at, personally I enjoy a good old fashioned story now and again."

[Aaron releases the PTT]

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10 hours ago, Leucifer said:


*Presses down his PTT button*

Alright calm down dickhead it's only a dude giving us something more to do then raido warrior.

If you don't like it off yourself with a rake or switch frequency ya dumb coon.

*He takes a breath*

On another note thank you for giving us something to listen to then gunshots and ever impending doom!

*The radio cuts off*

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"Its a nice change, I agree. You grouchy old men need to calm down a little, it's just harmless chatter. Better than anything I've heard this week... beats listening to the cowardly pissing contests that go on via radio.


Keep it up, guys!"

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