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Jack the Ripper

Ken, Our Last Enemy [Secure]

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*Ivan looks over at Jack, down at his arm where the bullet had gone through. He frowned hard, looking down at his radio as he turned it in his hands. Eventually he gets up and walks away, tuning into a secure channel and raising the radio. His voice is full of bitterness, but also absolution.*

"Ken, it's Ivan. Lemme cut to the chase: You want the Fangs dead, I know that much. We now have reason to want the same thing as you and your people. These people.... We've seen what they can do. They can't be reasoned with, even when undeniable logic is applied. They're content, with turnin' whatever is left of this world, fucking ever single person they can get their hands on right up the ass, and leaving a big ol' pile of shit behind them, every fuckin' time they wander this godforsaken place.

We.... We will not be content with simply killing them. No. We want to take their knees out from under them, and drag their faces through every, fine, grain, of their own shit, the shit that they think they can just leave behind.

I'd like to meet again. I'm sure this channel is secure, but better safe than sorry.

You were right about one thing, Ken. All our enemies are dying. Wes, Kent, Hide, the Commies. It's just them. Lets finish the job."

*Ivan releases the PTT, walking back to his people.*

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*Ken hears Ivan speaking on the radio and presses down on the PTT, speaking in his raspy trucker voice.*

"Heh heh, I knew you'd come around eventually. Don't worry Ivan, we could demolish them all with just our forces, but I am so far into their shit they don't even know.

I got guys on the inside, and plenty of other groups willing to back my boys up.

With y'all added, well, they are doomed.

They think they're on top of everything, when they couldn't be farther from the truth.

I'll contact you on an even more private frequency on the location to meet, not taking any chances.

Once they're gone, maybe I can go settle down and be with my family, and perhaps I'll even find some peace and quiet for once in this country.

Take care Ivan, we'll finish the job. I'll be contacting you on that frequency about the location soon."

*Ken releases the PTT*

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