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Cowboys in Syria - Jacob Austin's Journal

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OOC NOTE: This is the private journal of my character. It can be found on his person, but should only be considered IC if you are shown it by me IG. Please do not metagame by taking this as anything else. For background info please visit Jacob Austin's Character Page. I will be adding more journal entries periodically.


Jan 15, 2015 -

Dear Julie,

In the 6 months I've been in Michigan, it's been nice. This little town, Gladwin, is nice and quiet. There's always plenty of people looking for help, so cash isn't hard to come by. I've been renting the upstairs of a house from a kind old lady who calls herself Miss Selma. The weather here is freezing, it gets down to the negatives at midday in January. That's doable though, what's hard is getting by without any government registration. I've gotten a few odd looks, but I don't think anything thinks anything of me. I've told most people to call me Wes Smith, pretty plain name for a plain guy.

I've been reading about the Syrian Civil War. The evil, the people trapped by it, and the few that are trying to right wrongs. You'd like to listen to stories about it, at least the stories of towns being saved. There's a group in the north, they call themselves the YPG, they're a militia of Kurdish men and women fighting off the Islamic State. They recently pushed back around a town on the Turkish border, Kobani. They're one of the few groups welcoming in foreign fighters who want stop the spread of right wing Islam. You could yell at me all you want, but I think I'm gonna chat with them, and see what they're about. They sound like they're fairly relaxed on most things, but time will tell. 

I've... I've been missing you Julie. I know it's been 6 months and you would say just move on... but I can't. You were the one person in 20 years on this earth that no matter what, at the end of the day made me forget everything and smile. You were the one bright light in my life, and I want you to know that. I still think of you every night, I don't know what to do when I wake up and you're not there beside me.


Feb 8, 2015


I've had to skip town on Gladwin. Word got around of a Texan man on the run, so I had to head east. Right now I'm somewhere in Ohio, on the Amtrak to Jersey. I don't really know what I'm gonna do, but I'm sure that there's a motel somewhere that I can sleep in for cheap. It's been annoying, running like this, but at least my conscious is clear. There's not much around for me to care about anymore, so don't worry about it.

I've nearly made my decision, and I think I'm going to Syria. All in all it's probably the safest place for me anyway, away from cops and feds. The group I've been talking to, the YPG, say that all I need is a plane ticket and a way to get around Baghdad, they'll handle the rest. Reading stories from some people who met up with them, I'd say it's pretty safe. I'd be doing what I do best, getting rid of evil people in the world. There's a woman's group that they have too, the YPJ, that you could join. They do everything the YPG does, from fighting to aiding the locals. There's this woman's council too, apparently these Kurds run things fairly equal among genders.

I had a dream the other night, it was really odd. You were there, wearing a beautiful nightgown. It was night, I think we were in the desert by El Paso, and the moon was so bright, it lit up the place. We just stood there, holding each other. It felt like hours, and it felt relieving. You cupped my cheek, and smiled, and we kissed. Then I woke up. I don't know what to make of it. 


Feb 27, 2015

Hey there babe,

I'm in Iraq now. It's amazing how you can get through US customs without giving them as much as your name, as long as you look innocent. The flight was really nice too, I even sprung for business class seats. We had a 3 hour layover in Paris, so I went walking around the airport. There were these cheesy little Eiffel Tower pillows you would've loved. If I weren't going into the desert to die fighting fascists I might have grabbed it too.

After getting my passport & everything sorted at customs in Baghdad, it was easy sailing. Baghdad isn't what I expected really, it's way more lush and alive than what the media shows in their video clips. If I didn't know about the shit going on here, I'd think that the country had been a peaceful place for the past 50 years. The people here just go on about their normal day, even though there is an army 100 miles away that would probably like to destroy most everything here. It's inspiring in a way, surprisingly. It gives me hope that eventually the human race will stop shit like genocide and whatever blatant 'x'-phobia anyone holds onto.

There was a YPG contact who met me at the airport, he said to call him Rashid Fouad. He gave me an address, and said to go there tomorrow after sundown. I think I'll head over there earlier and scope out the place. Not that I don't trust these guys, but it is Iraq after all. But don't worry about me, I'll be safe. Worst comes to worst if I get captured by ISIS I can always claim that I came to support them.

I was reading the New York Times sport section, they had an article about the yearly predictions for all the baseball teams. It did not look good for Houston, unfortunately. Apparently we're last in the division rankings, and almost last overall in the American League. If all goes well I might head over to a few games next year. Who knows, they could win it all in about 5 years or so.

I can't wait to go, but I'm also apprehensive about it. I basically won't have any contact with the outside world for the foreseeable future, and who knows if anyone else is going to speak proper English. You know me, I'll pull through as long as there's caffeine. It's getting late now, so I reckon I'll be heading to the nearest hotel with workers that speak English.

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