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Jere's Media Thread

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Ill be throwing some media around here, from my adventures, later on when i get to it.

But ill start with this one screenshot i was surpprised to find from the dephts of my pc:


This was from road to popeda dam, where freemedics were located, we made roadblock to there with blackwatch, i think we were aiding them somehow, cant really remember.

Dating to 10/6/2013, back then i used to actually play with really bad laptop, running with 5fps. I had to play in windowed mode with really low settings, but for screenshots i tuned them up for a bit.

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I was just playing around with photoshop to create picture of "young jere" and im pretty surprised what i came around. Alot better result than i first thought



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I dont know is this supposed to post here, but i feel like making another media thread for stuff i have made. If im not allowed to post this here let me know, i will make another media thread then....

Anyways i was having bit fun in 3d modelling and came up with this:


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Nice thread! :)

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