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FAQ: Infection Lore.

Should we have more FAQ pages?  

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Hello, everyone.

Friendly neighborhood  LM, Taryn here.

In the past, I have run into a few players who have said they have yet to get the answers they previously asked for.

I thought to myself: I wonder how many people have unanswered, active questions about the Infection itself, and how could I answer them effectively?

Well, here I will ask you all to post your questions about the Lore surrounding the Infection itself so that I can post an FAQ regarding this topic specifically. 

More FAQ threads like these will be created if this turns out to be something you'd all like.

So, ask your question below, and I will add it to my FAQ sheet, and answer it once i have compiled enough questions. 

Please only ask infection related questions here, all others will be Ignored until a thread for that topic has been created. 

Thank you!

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Also, a poll has been added for extra fun clicky times.


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Isn't this already a thing just "General"

Just add it to the bottom of the lore page, more information can't hurt especially if it's on the lore page already!
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Wrote Help instead of Hurt...

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2 minutes ago, Galaxy said:



Yes. This is for Lore specifically though, and only pertaining to the infection Lore, which recently was solidified by yours truly.

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Personally I'm a lore nut. I love figuring out plot and encouraging story line via RP. :D

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