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[GUIDE] Playing music while in game with easy control

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Alright, so I've been frustrated lately with the lack of control while playing games and streaming. I've tried a few different things:

  • Using YouTube
  • Using a media player (VLC, etc)
  • Using the Steam music player

I have issues with the forms above. YouTube ties up bandwidth, an external media player means I need to alt tab which at times can be a bitch and cause game crashes, black screens while streaming, etc. And the Steam music player is a bitch for volume control and is often too loud for my streaming (got fucked over by an infected because I didn't hear it coming up on me once).

So I've come up with a solution: VLC with a VLC remote app on my phone. Here is what you'll need:

  1. VLC
  2. One of the many VLC remote apps

This combination will allow you to play/pause music, YouTube videos and other shit on your VLC media player while not needing to alt tab what so ever. Most of the remote apps are pretty good with instructions on how to set them up. The one I'm trying out even has a pretty neat little step by step wizard.

This might not be for all of you, but I know those that stream might find this very helpful as well.

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Great guide! Short, simple and fool proof. Not a streamer myself but I can see this being useful to people whom stream.

Pinging @Eddie Sorella, have a read fam. Might be useful to you!

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