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Rhodesia Character accent tips

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Right i need some help from the southern africans of dayzrp what accent do you used i seen a mixture of voices from all over what the easiest one i can pull off?

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@Razareth and @CraigAutogeddonn are both from South Africa - hopefully they can help :)

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/moved to questions.

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@InnKinn & @Jonal would be good people to ask, they have made Rhodesian characters and they're accents are good. It's time for my boys to shine. :')

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Its Honestly not hard to do/Work on, its not drastically different to just regular English, i'd advise trying to modle around Ian Smith


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My time to shine! Thanks @Zero!

InnKinn's Guide to surviving the Rhodesian Apocalypse (But mainly sounding the part).

So you think you're Rhodesian, huh? Want to join the elite band of brown-jobs and blue-jobs who never die? Well look no further as I will now guide you, step by step to becoming a true Rhodesian soldier.

Step One: The African Part
Right so we all know that Rhodesia is now known as Zimbabwe, which is also obviously a part of Africa. Being a country within Africa there are a lot of Africans so it is ideal that you learn how to master that 'generic' African accent, a good way to learn this is by watching the movie: Beasts Of No Nation. A Netflix movie about a child soldier in an African civil war.

Step Two: The British Part

So you've mastered the African accent? Great news! You're one step closer to becoming a fledged member of the RLI! Now (If you're not British) You will need to master the British accent. Now you will hear a lot of different accents from Britain but the accent you're looking for is "The Queen's English" which is the most commonly used. Just try and emphasise the 'posh' British accent without going over the top.

Step Three: Combine The Two!

Now this is the difficult part. Combining the two accents together to create a rich, pure, Rhodesian voice. (The voice of gods among men) Now this is mainly down to practice. Watch a few Rhodesian interviews or listen to old radio stations on YouTube. Find where the African 'tinge' comes in and apply it!

Step Four: Slang!

Now you wouldn't be able to do a genuine sounding Rhodesian accent without throwing a few slang words in there! A good site to check out is: http://www.rhodesia.com/docs/other/slang.htm 
What I would recommend is pick out a few words that you would find yourself using more often, such as:

kia: House 
Mushi: Very nice
Or if you'd like to refer to Severograd: Shuttine: A place north of where you are that you'll likely never visit.

So there you have it!

InnKinn's complete guide to mastering the Rhodesian accent and securing everlasting immortality! Now go forth and 

Make Rhodesia Great Again!



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