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groovy nate

Points Appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 



Why the verdict is not fair: Alright, so I guess the first point I'll definitely be driving home is the fact that the radio chatters against the CommonWealth are literally so consistent in the message they're driving it's unfunny. Like, you can imagine that if your character heard the same stuff literally everyday consistently after someone stumbled upon a military-installation airfield with an illegal automatic weapon, and got it taken, more than likely through force, then they'd be pretty annoyed. Usually the radio chatters, like the last 5 that have went through, have an outline that went something like this:

Step 1.) You took my gun.

Step 2.) You took other people's guns.

Step 3.) I'm very upset!

Step 4.) Call upon others to start a rebellion.

Step 5.) Insert rebellious quote here. (Usually "better dead than red")

Step 6.) End transmission.

Alright, so at about this point, you can probably understand that all our characters, and when I say all our characters, I usually mean the PCC and the Black Fangs (and pretty much anyone) would probably get really tired of hearing the same radio chatters after a while, especially if it's what we expect, so it's like the same TV episode over and over. No one wants to watch the same stuff over and over, so to express my character's disinterest in what same message has been repeated over the last few weeks the PCC has been a major super power in Chernarus, he just simply said "K" to acknowledge the chatter, but at the same time, blatantly express his disinterest. Like an hour later, I got hit with that good ol' 3 warning points for an unnecessary post.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:  Alright, so, the rule above that was linked in the warning post states that "replies that add nothing to the conversation, consist of just insults, laughter, mocking of others, memes, etc" right? Alright, so, right now what I question behind that very rule is the consistency of the very same replies in radio chatters deserving of points, and mine. This is not to throw anyone under the bus at all, but here are some examples of what make me wonder why I got the points, but these people didn't considering that they pretty much fall into the guidelines of "posts that are just insults that add nothing to the conversation" or just don't add anything to the conversation at all.







What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I mean, I'd like the points revoked, but I'd definitely want clarification on why mine deserved points but these don't. Yeah, my reply was really short as it was just a "K." but the definite problem is that all of the above listed pretty much fit into that rule criteria.

What could you have done better?: I mean, next time I guess I'll have to put more effort into expressing my character's disinterest in a particular message being talked about repeatedly in a radio chatter. I just figured a simple "k" would do the trick.

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Hello @Nathan Osbourne,

A new team of staff members have looked over the warning points you have given and have made a decision regarding this appeal.

As can be seen in the screenshot you provided, you posted a response to a radio chatter which only had the letter "K." spoken. Here is the relevant section of the radio chatter rules which applies to this post. As can be seen, point 3 explains that responses over the radio that add nothing to the conversation are seen as invalid. Having the only audible section of the response simply include "k." adds nothing to the current conversation, and adds nothing for the recipient to act upon. It is effortless, meaningless and does nothing for the radio chatter post whatsoever. Where you explain, in your appeal, that your character is tired of hearing the same thing, your character's current status or behavior is never an excuse to justify breaking the rules. 

Now, you have linked other posts that could be invalid. That being said, this appeal is about your post, not theirs. If they are invalid, this does not give you an excuse to also make an invalid post. If you see an invalid post, report it and it will be handled accordingly. If they are invalid and haven't been pointed / dealt with, it is likely because we are not omnipotent nor do we read every single thread.

Because of the above, we have chosen to deny your appeal. You will keep the warning points.

Outcome: Appeal denied - Points stay.

Signed by: @Para, @Chewy & @Ark.

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