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A message to the commonwealth. [open freq.]

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*A deep Scottish accent comes over the static filled airwaves*
Good morning wonderful people of the commonwealth, I am James, although most call me the father. Sadly your "government" is a den for lies and corruption, sins against god, destruction of humanity for their own selfish gain. I have taken the liberty to relive them of their belongings at the north west airfield, twice. me and my friends just want a peaceful existence without some commie fucks deciding to shove their dicks down our throats by telling us that we cant have certain guns. we will strike again, we will not be silenced, we will never surrender.
*the radio goes silent once more*

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-Shaniqua was chatting up a man she had bumped into on the coast of Chernogorsk, suddenly she heard a message come through on the radio, so she excused herself for a moment, so the man she was with didn't hear anything that was said or would be said. As she was listening she felt attracted to this voice, she remembered something, pressing down the PTT she spoke-

"Hey hunny, how are you? Shaniqua here coming at you strong!"

-She would flip her weave and sigh, speaking more-

"Listen, sweetheart, you need to be careful. I was at the NW Airfield the other day and seen a man who seemed rather pissed off, he was talking about the tents. Honestly, thought he was blaming me and the 12-year old I was with at the time. But he was a very handsome man, if I must say, hope I see him again, he owes me something."

-Shaniqua would bite her bottom lip smiling-

"Anyway sugar dumping, stay safe, you have an attractive voice if I must say so. Take care honey, hugs and kisses." 

-Shaniqua released the PTT, turning around she looked at the man she was chatting up, smiling she strutted towards him, flirting more with this man, hoping he didn't hear what she had said on the radio-


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*A Chernarussian voice crackles over the frequency*

"The key to good resistance is secrecy. Guess you fucked that one out the window. Have pleasant day."

*Releases the transmission key.*

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*Another Chernarussian voice crackles over the radio*

Man does not deserve pleasant day, man deserve ditch along side of road.

Another dick head that thinks the best thing to do when resisting a large power is to announce it over the radio.

Jednoduchý hlupák.

*He releases his push to talk*

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*Archie laughs hysterically and presses the PTT*

"You know that the key to make a strong resistance is to learn when to and when not to wave your 'big' dick about. I guess you failed."

"I guess you failed for the reason that your resistance or dick is to small and this transmission was a plea for help to make it bigger."


*Archie releases the PTT*

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*Louie picks up the radio and speaks*

"So you walked up to a few tents when nobody was around and stole shit"

"Explain to me how that is going to make an impact"

*Louie releases the PTT*

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*Mikael speaks into the radio*

You do realize that you didn't steal from us, you stole from the people... right?

All of those supplies were going to be redistributed to the people surviving in the country.

But of course, now that you stole from the people, that can't be done for at least another week if not longer.

Congratulations. The only people you are hurting are yourselves as well as the people that you're apparently trying to help.

And this is yet again coming from another motherfucker who is doing this all over a ban on military grade rifles.

You say you want a peaceful life, yet you knowingly go out of your way to poke a bear with a stick.

There is definitely something wrong with your head.

*Mikael sets down the radio and cringes*

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-Shaniqua would press down on the PTT-

"So you take weapons and ammunition from people just to give it back? Yeah right. You people abuse others if you don't like them doing what you want. You all make no sense. If they don't hand over what you want or do as you want, you rob them, abuse them. Are you the man I spoke to earlier? At the airfield? Either way, I'd like to see you again hot stuff."

-Shaniqua released the PTT and continued her walk along the beach-

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*Finds the frequency, than presses down the PTT as he pushes it against his lips. The wind blows trough his voice, wolves howling in the distance.*

"As I am standing on this edge... I can see for miles. I can see everything far, far away..."
"But I can say that, I can see only one thing..."
"The land of free people!"
"I can hear the screech of the eagle..."
"The eagle, as it flyes everywhere it's wants to..."
"The eagle, the animal of freedom!"

*Releases the PTT, than sights and presses down it again*

"As always, hear my voice!"
"Better dead than red!"

*Slowly raises his finger from the PTT, and let it go. As his arms fell next to his body, as he amused by the landscape. The future of freedom!*

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6 hours ago, Dusty said:


*He picks up his radio*

Shut the fuck up about your damn redistribution, we all know it's bullshit, it does not make sense, steal from the people, to give back to the people? Yeah sure that's what you lot are doing.

To the rest of you, this is a message, last night we sent a squad to the airfield, and absolutely decimated 5 of your men, while only taking one casualty. That is the beginning of what will be a very long and bloody war if you do not limit your disarmament act to your own town of tortuga, and give up the airfield.

*He pauses*

Give up the airfield, limit YOUR laws to YOUR town, and stop acting like you run the show, or this will be a long and bloody war.

*His voice sounds calm*

These are not requests, these are demands, it is your choice now on how you want this to play out. We are willing to die for our freedom, are you willing to die over laws that will not stand?

This is blinky, we await to hear your response.


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*after hearing the mans voice joey presses the PTT*

I'm still waiting for you to hang my head like a ball sack bud so shut the fuck up if you are gonna bitch out.

*Joey releases the PTT and starts to refill magazines*

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*Brandon smiles and pushes the PTT*

"You guys are still on this about causing a revolution and stuff? Guys, you're the one causing problems. We work for the people and we're trying to work with you but you guys are making it difficult; it's hard to make a true decision."

*He releases the PTT and shakes his head*

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*Banks presses his PTT*

"You have the attitude of little bitches. Come try to take our equipment when my men are awake and I can guarantee your bodies will join those who go against the people."

*Drops his radio into his pouch*

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