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Dr. Capella [Private]

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*Banks tunes his radio station to WHO's frequency, hoping that he remembers from a few months ago*

"Faith, glad to hear your voice again. I thought you had seen God by now, but he does not require your presence thankfully."

*He takes a slight pause*

"After security got a little loose a few months back, I started keeping findings of my own regarding the grey skins. Not to mimic you: but to actually try something, other than pointing guns at people, to better the people of South Zagoria and try to get the information back to you someday."

*He takes another pause, a gunshot is heard*

"Another sample. I've been a little busy. When and where can we meet to go over this data. And I want to catch up, old friend... Godspeed."

*Drops his radio back into his pouch*

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Faith goes ghostly white as she feels her whole body freeze up. She looks down to her radio, her mind playing tricks on her. Casper had stopped too, she wasn’t going crazy. A dead man talking on her radio, the way he acted. The way he spoke. It felt like beetles crawling under her skin and you could visibly see it. She shivers, her breath turning shaky. She gives Casper a worried glance before taking her radio from her belt and placing close to her face.

”P-People told me y-you we’re dead...”

She pauses, trying to let herself know what she wanted to believe so bad wasn’t true.

”Friend? Are... A-Are you s-serious!? Y-You told my C-Colonel and Ma-Major that y-you’d go ‘off t-the books’ to b-beat me t-to make me an e-example to other WHO d-doctors. And y-you have the nerve t-to say friend?”

She shakes her head, disgust written across her whole face.

“Yeah... Ma-Maybe I was a b-better friend than y-you ever was... I d-don’t t-trust you at a-all Banks. W-What makes y-you think I s-should after what I heard y-you myself s-say. Hm? As w-well as all t-the stories I’ve h-heard of you...”

She grits her teeth, the texture almost like chalk being grinded between them.

”Whatever i-information you have? Y-You can tell m-me over the radio. I’m n-not playing y-your stupid g-games.”

She puts her radio back in her pocket, almost like she had burnt herself. She looked angry, almost like she was going to hurt someone before a quick inhale, it sounded painful. Struck with tears, she couldn’t breath. Even Casper would see the fear as she almost stumbled to her knees with a beginning of a panic attack...

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*Banks picks up his radio. Russian is heard in the background*

"Bad idea, doctor. I'll give you one more chance to act on my offer."

*He pauses*

"Or, just like always, I'll have to find you. And trust me, it's as easy as before."

*He clicks his radio off and continues detaining civilians*

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*Hawk would, snap for a second taking Faith's radio*

"One chance on what offer, exactly?!?" *Estonian" Tra lollid Ameeriklased* 

"You'll find her then what!? Lay an arm on her and see what happenes okay!"*Estonian"Mul ükskõik kui tappan ühe lisa rasvunud autismiga Ameeriklase!" 

"I highly doubt you have anything useful for the research that we are conducting, sounds like your up to something else..."

*He put's the radio, on the table looking at Faith, he had a stone cold look for a second until shaking his head and looking normal, then pulling out a note book and writing something down there.*

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