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Research Information Going Public from WHO Employee [OPEN FREQUENCY]

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A book laid on Faith's lap, head rested in Casper's arm as she reads over her tally charts and mathematical work. Scanning her green eyes over the book. She spends a few hours putting the numbers in order from lowest to highest to find out the mean, median, mode and range of cities. She then looks at the highest figures and some of the lowest. Reaching to her side, she fidgets her hand through her bag before pulling her radio. Pressing it on to talk.

"I k-know some of t-those w-will not want to hear t-this. Or n-not be interested. But f-for those who are k-keep listening. For t-the others, Merry C-Christmas... Happy Hanuka...

A-Alright. For t-those that d-don't know me, my n-name is F-Faith. I have b-been conducting my o-own re-research with the h-help of fr-friends from my workplace. I have c-currently c-contacted the WHO on m-multiple occasions however n-no avail.

I am h-here t-to help. As much as it d-does not seem like it, I p-promise you, I am.

If y-you have any questions a-after this br-broadcast on anything a-about the i-infection th-that you have n-not heard of or m-missed I c-can tell you w-without a problem.

R-Right. I conducted a c-consesus of population o-of infected in South Z-Zagoria. It is a-an estimation. B-But f-figures are key. On t-the population of both g-genders excluding mi-military I have c-come to a r-result of the f-five most populated towns.

 Novaya P-Petrovka , Elektrozavodsk, B-Berezino  Novodmitrovsk  a-and Chernogorsk.

F-For t-those looking f-for a safer a-area to live I r-recommend t-these t-towns which show low numbers o-of infected i-in the area.

S-Sosnovka, Tulga, Samorodok, Berezhki a-and Drozhino...

On a-an estimation of one m-million R-Russians and C-Chernarussians whom r-resided in South Z-Zagoria, about an e-estimation o-of 0.1% were a-affected. 68.85% o-of those b-being males a-and 31.15% of t-those being f-female.

I h-hope this helps w-with anyone s-struggling with the a-aggression of the grey skins. 

M-Merry Christmas..."

She places her radio out. In her mind, she had a gut wrenching feeling someone would be screaming into their radio and it blasting loudly out of hers. She sighs, turning her attention to Casper until something catches her attention.

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*Sebastian looked rather curious at his radio whenhe heard some facts about the disease, after the most chit chat. As he was wandering through the landscape he asked himself, if he could get some more information about the infection. So his fingers went to the radio and pushed the button, after he moved it closer to his mouth. A harsh wind and his breathing could be heard, but then his voice came through the radio with a german accent*


"Cheers Faith. I couldn't overhear your statistics and analytics about the infected."

*The radio went silent for multiple  seconds*

"Aaargh..." *He breathed heavily in the radio* "Thank you for that, maybe. I got some questions about that, too. But first maybe the more important things..."

*He could be heard something muttering while there were sounds as if he was wandering over wet ground.*

"Merry Christmas or Hanuka, depends on what you believe in and to intodruce myself...call me Sebastian. Now to my question. Do you maybe have some information about their metbolism compared to not turned ones? Do they need to eat or not? And can you maybe tell me how it works with the incubation period around the infection?"

*Now he makes a short break and after he pushed the button again there was the sound of something heavy thrown on to the ground* 

"Thanks in advance!"


*The radio went completely silent and Sebastian leaned on a tree, sitting on the ground and grabbing his bottle of water to take a drink.*


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17 hours ago, Hatkins said:

.call me Sebastian. Now to my question. Do you maybe have some information about their metbolism compared to not turned ones? Do they need to eat or not? And can you maybe tell me how it works with the incubation period around the infection?"

Faith would quickly go to the floor, removing the floorboard in her house and pulling out her research documents and extra copy of files she had sent to the WHO HQ. She quickly reads over each one to maintain she can answer his question.

"Evening S-Sebastian. Apologies for s-such a late r-response. Things h-have been s-stressful lately, t-typical C-Christmas. 

Reading t-through my r-report it says the f-following, 'In c-conclusion the grey skins h-have cannibalistic tendencies. Whether or not this w-was from consciously swallowing t-the meat or not, they a-all seemed to have t-traces of human flesh within their system.' This w-was from t-the autopsy r-report on there s-stomach... I f-found consumptions of h-human l-limbs as w-well as traces of a-animal... Back on t-topic. Sorry..."

There is a quick sound of paper being flicked through, a page scraped and placed in front of her.

"One m-moment..."

She traces her nail down the page as she reads another report she wrote from a few months back.

"Here i-it is... the s-second report r-reads, 'T-The small and l-large intestine suggested o-over extended amounts of e-eating which could affect the rectum p-physically or someone h-has perhaps taken one s-step too far by penetrating them; but does not look like any forceful penetration has been made.' Which is b-basically s-saying t-the consumption l-levels a-are more t-than an a-average human b-being l-like overeating... And b-be defacated out a l-lot more... messier t-than it should. N-No where i-in the r-report does it m-mention finding no b-broken down meats w-which may s-suggest the metabolism r-rate is w-working f-fine or h-higher than normal. E-Especially with t-their running a-and weight."

She sighs, thinking she complicated things.

"T-Theory, metabolism is w-working more t-than usual or normal g-giving the grey s-skins t-the energy provided b-but not stamina d-due to them slowing if y-you run f-for a long period from t-them. I h-hope this helped...?"

She awaits a response from Sebastian.

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1 hour ago, Faith said:

She awaits a response from Sebastian.

*He nods slightly after he heard the most of her reports. He stretches his body a moment and then pushes the button on his radio.*

"It helped, yeah. Every little information can help...even when most people dont recognize that. Thanks for that and maybe I can make some use of that information. If you have something new about them I would be happy to hear it. So, have some nice days and stay safe."

*He then makes some thoughts more about everything and is writting something in his notepad. Then he smiled a short time and lifted himself up. End of the break, he needed to keep moving to reach his destination.*


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After everything Faith had been faced with she still managed to be happy with the smallest or 'minor' news she received from the WHO headquarter. Taking her radio, she tunes into the frequency, her voice full of hope as she talks into it whilst holding down her push-to-talk.

"T-This is D-D-Doctor Faith C-C-Capella... 

I h-have r-r-recently received n-news on t-the infection."

There is shuffling, like she was scratching her microphone/radio against her backpack as faint mumbling from the woman can be heard. An achieved 'aha!' is heard but only shallow as the noises of pages being flipped.

"R-Right... F-From what I w-w-wrote w-whilst rec-receiving the in-information, C-Cyprus-1 t-told me t-the infection has c-changed wi-within time an-and making a-any old s-s-specimens and o-observations out o-of date. M-Meaning a-a-anyone t-trying to c-collect s-samples b-bit by bit a-and preserving t-them m-may be u-useless h-however I s-s-suggest to keep th-them..."

She flicks the page, she tries to read her own writing. It takes a few minutes before she ends up talking. Not once letting the transmission button go.

"I b-bring f-forth good news.... The s-samples myself a-and others a-around the world w-with the s-spread of this d-d-disease have m-managed t-to help officials p-progress. T-The r-research data and s-samples from i-infected f-from July to S-September have b-been able for the U-United Nations to d-develop an a-anti infected g-gas t-to neutralise infected. T-This leaves t-them in an u-unresponsive state."

There is a slight grumble as she attempts to encode her own writing before continuing.

"F-For those w-who come f-from France a-and Germany. T-This gas has b-been used in y-your countries. It h-has el-eliminated up t-to 5 to 6 m-million infected o-o-outside of c-civilized a-areas a-a-and safe z-zones. T-Though t-this is n-not much, i-it s-shows th-the progression b-back s-so we no m-more l-live in d-danger of t-the infection.

H-Hopefully t-t-they will b-be able t-to t-transport this g-gas to S-South Z-Zagoria a-and finish this d-disease in t-this small country."

The transmission cuts immediately. A heavily happy sigh escapes her lips as she just smiles to the simple but amazing news. She packs her more useless noted notebook in her bag.


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With Faith's head rested on Holmen's shoulder, she decides to take a break from talking to him about her husband, Casper. She excuses herself momentarily before taking her pink notebook from her bag. She reads over her notes from the WHO transmission she received again before having to make a response to inform others.

"This is Dr. F-Faith C-Capella f-from the WHO... I b-bring news t-that a m-majority of y-you have q-questioned me a-about. S-Since I a-am not an Epidimiologist... I c-couldn't s-say confidentially t-to you w-what the s-stages of t-t-the infection is... I f-finally g-got a-answers too... T-That c-confirm s-suspicions and r-results..."

The familiar sounds of pages being flipped is heard before stopping.

"Here i-it is..."

She mumbles to herself as she begins to talk back into the radio.

"We a-all know t-that the infection is s-spread by bodily fluids into y-your blood s-stream. Moving o-onto the stages...

S-Stage one...  a h-high fever, sweating, n-nausea, v-vomiting a-and pale skin t-t-tone shows w-within the h-hours b-between one t-to six...

Stage t-t-two... b-body beginning t-to ache and shivering.... It l-lasts f-for about 24 hours if y-you a-are immune... if n-not it is m-more unfortunate t-to lead to s-stage three.... this h-happens between t-the fourth t-to tenth hour...

S-Stage t-three is f-for the more u-unfortunate..."

There is a slight concerned voice. Like she didn't like saying such things but she knew she had to inform others about it.

"Stage.... Three...."

She pauses before continuing.

"The turning p-point.... between t-the twelth h-hour will begin t-to show c-concerning signs.... Blacking v-veins... Black s-secretion f-from t-the mouth, e-eyes and g-genitals... The v-vomit w-will appear as a b-black like f-fluid and a s-swelling in t-the throat, a-also known as lymph nodes w-will c-cause a wheezing b-breath a-as the airways c-closed..."

There is a long transmitted pause, not knowing how else to say stage four.

"S-Stage... four... The v-victim will still be breathing..... T-They are NOT z-zombies.... There b-behaviour will b-become more a-agressive, j-jerking like m-motions, unable t-to focus and e-excess saliva. B-Behaviour c-could be unresponsive.... L-Loud shots c-cause a more a-aggression to seek out what it w-was.... They l-lose the ability to have f-fine motor skills s-s-such as opening d-d-doors... The i-infected are n-not blind.... They j-just c-can't see well anymore...


Please... d-don't t-try to remove a-anyone's l-limbs...A s-singular b-blood cell c-can move a-around the b-body within o-one minute... W-Which means r-removing limbs a-are pointless...

S-Stay safe... Be c-careful..."

She lowers her eyes into her backpack before releasing about the helmet she found at a helicopter crash, taking it to go to Holmen.

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*Pushes the PTT on his radio*

"Hey, anyone that's listening on this frequency, all the cure process is fake and there's going to be no process. The dead are dead and they are never coming back as humans. They're missing organs and even parts of the brain are missing. Don't listen to this hack."

*He shakes his head and releases the PTT*

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*Sara hears the radio message, picking up her own radio and sighing softly as she presses the PTT*

"I don't see the point in all of this.....sure people need to know the symptoms and such...but I heard prior mention of some kind of gas that renders them unresponsive? That to me just sounds like nerve gas..as the infected are still 'alive' in a sense........I hate to burst your bubble, Miss....whatever your name was....but if you release that stuff, it's going to probably kill every single person that walks into it. That stuff, if it attacks the infected and renders them as such, would that not also mean that anyone who happens to be carrying the infection or is otherwise immune with it in their body would also suffer?"

*She takes a short pause, and a deep breath*

"I may not be a doctor or any form of researcher like you, but from my understanding, you all just developed a potent nerve gas that could potentially kill the immune or anyone else who may unknowingly be carrying the infection within themselves. So, in theory, you're not only killing or otherwise thwarting the infected, but you're also potentially killing many more who are unaware of the infection within themselves. All in all, it sounds like you, that is to say, the UN and WHO, are just cutting costs to kill this infection, and not worried at all about the potential risk to non-turned individuals."

*She releases the PTT*

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Faith hears Sara trying to act like she didn't know and the guy who called her a hack. She sighs, one in disbelief and two in impatience.

"I-I'm not r-r-releasing o-or choosing t-to release t-the gas. If I h-had a c-choice, t-things would b-be different b-but I'm not miracle w-worker. A-And I'm n-not the l-leader nor g-government a-allowing this.

F-From my k-knowledge, Sara..."

She adds her name, making things more personal to let her know she wasn't fooling around or pretending to not know people.

"T-The s-stages is b-because I, personally, b-believe p-people need s-straight a-answers and n-not loops.

I'd r-rather t-them know a-as much as me..."

She pauses before rolling her eyes.

"As I h-hear on m-many o-other r-radio f-frequencies.

May we n-not slam o-our cocks o-onto the t-table...."

As she refers more to the man previous to Sara.

"D-Don't w-want to hear it, d-don't listen.

I'm s-simply d-doing my job. G-Good day."

She turns her radio off for the night.

Edited by Faith

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*He presses the PTT again*

Well, most people already know this via basic information, to be fair. I dunno, man."

*He releases the PTT and turns his radio off too*

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*Tivian would sit there by his radio biding his time as he listened to each broadcast that come over this frequency.  He would pick up the microphone to his radio and voice his thoughts regardless of if anyone is listening or not*

I can not help but feel a ever so slight concern that your people are willing to let loose a chemical weapon... A weaponized gas... Doctor Faith need I remind you that the infected are very much so kicking, breathing, and human... Logically that gas will not only harm the infected but the average person as well...

What stops that gas from drifting the wrong way and whipping out normal people because of a rouge gust of wind...?  What stops that gas from effecting a carrier or the average person...?

*There would be a short pause*

No... The million dollar question here is this... Just how many people did this gas kill or injure in the process of taking out that many infected...?

At this point I do not know who is worse... You do not see the rabid ones funneling toxic gas over one another in the hopes its going to kill us...

*Tivian would shake his head and sit down the microphone to his radio shaking his head*

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"Are you people listening?

She is NOT the one in any way authorizing the testing, production or release of the chemical agent. THE GOVERNMENTS AROUND THE WORLD ARE. She's simply stating what she was presumably told. 

You may want to direct those questions about gas to the governments in mirsolavl, not blame a researcher who has nothing to do with it. For fucks sake people, she's like the American show 'Doctor G.' she figures out how people died, not creates chemical weaponry.  Misunderstanding of shit like this is going to get people killed. She has NOTHING to do with what the governments are doing. 

The 'basic knowledge' that you speak of... is also from her. Guardian and I had the concept of the virus being fluid-borne before they proved it, but still. All of this 'basic knowledge' is from people like her who are trying their best to understand this illness, to keep people like you from getting it. Trying to state stupid things like 'they have no brain' and 'don't listen to the person who actually know's what they're talking about,' just shows you're out of options and trying to discredit people with nothing to back it up.

Also... as someone who was actually with someone when they went to stage four... she's not wrong. Heart and blood rates rise, while brain function slows, bu not stops. The person becomes catatonic for a time. Then suddenly, and I mean suddenly, lashes out, becoming incredibly violent and erratic in behavior."  



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