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Punk Talks mental health organization/La Dispute music

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If anybody is into La Dispute, but doesn’t have all their music downloaded, here is an opportunity to download all of their music for whatever price you can afford. All the profits from this event go towards Punk Talks, which is “a group dedicated to educating people in the music scene about mental illness and offering resources for treatment.” 

La Dispute is a post-hardcore/spoken word band whose music has always had themes that tie into mental health like depression and anxiety, and some of the members even deal with those in real life as well. Punk Talks is trying to help musicians and fans realize that you don’t have to be sad to write great music. They help musicians find treatment and educate them about mental health. 

This is kind of a personal thing for me as well. I have struggled with - and still do on a daily basis - depression and anxiety for most of my teenage years. During these trying times, I turn to music, and I turn to bands like La Dispute because the messages behind their songs and the lyrics in them really resonate with me. I know I’m not alone in this. And the fact that many of these musicians that kids and people who are struggling look up to are dealing with the exact same problems really speaks to how much of an issue this is. Too many artists, and too many people in general, have struggled and even killed themselves because of their mental health issues and not getting help. If there’s anything we can do to try to help even a little bit, it’s supporting organizations like Punk Talks, and supporting mental health treatments like psychiatry and therapy. I already have most if not all of La Dispute’s music and I don’t have much to spare, but I will personally be donating $20 to this organization in hopes that they can help make a difference.

Even if you don’t like La Dispute or that type of music, if you’d like to donate, anything would help out the organization. If you do like La Dispute, but don’t have any money to spare, you can download the music for free as long as you download whatever you want by the end of today.

Link to the blog post on La Dispute’s website: http://www.ladisputemusic.com/blog/

Link to Punk Talks: https://punktalks.org/

Link to where you can download the albums/live sessions/interviews: https://ladispute.bandcamp.com/

Sample of a couple La Dispute songs (my absolute favorite songs I’ve ever heard): 




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I'm glad you've posted this Dusty, respect to you.

Depression amongst other mental illnesses is something I would never wish on my worst enemy. It's fucking awful.. Nobody wants to lay in bed every day of their life, not cleaning themselves, their room etcetc, not eating- I could name more examples but the list goes on.

I'll be looking into making a donation of sorts.

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