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To my friends... [Priv. Freq.]

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Sofia was slumped in a corner of the room, one hand pressing onto a wound by her neck, as she used her free hand to pick up her radio. Her voice was a little quiet and shaky when she spoke into it. 

"Long story, but I don't have any of my stuff with me, it's all at Joey's. I got sick, real sick, and the dead-heads got me good. I don't have anything I could use to patch up, no medicine. I feel all funny and gross, and I don't know where I am, just somewhere between Stary and Elektro. It'll take some time before I can get myself back on my feet, but those things are all waiting outside the door."

She took a deep breath, and sniffled a little.

"I'm so fucking scared."

Her thumb releases the button for a long moment, during which she used the back of her hand to wipe her eyes. After several failed attempts at speaking without crying too much, she finally took another deep breath and managed to choke something out when she pressed the button again. 

"If I don't make it... if Rosa's still alive, if anyone finds her, don't tell her you know me or anything about me. I don't want her to be ashamed of me. She'd be so ashamed..."

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, I don't know what else to do. I'm so stupid. I'm sorry." 




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