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The Rains Of Sorrow - The Story Of Billie Wilbur

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The Rains Of Sorrow

The Story Of Billie Wilbur


Chapter One

The Berezino bar was completely empty. The only one's there were Billie's hunting gang. That is Billie, Karl, Guðrún, his twin brother Dagur, and the bartender, Ambroz. They scavenged around the bar looking for whatever form of alcohol they could find. Ambroz was getting emotional as he put his hand on the beer taps. He owned the bar before the outbreak hit, so he had many memories there. Billie searched the boxes in the back storage room.

"Nothin'. Fuck me. Not even shitty liquor. How many drunks are there out there?" Billie said, angrily.

Billie continued to search the shelves, and was able to find a nip of vodka. He squinted as he read the label.

"Smirnoff Ice. Not too shabby. Heh, I'll save this shit for later." He said.

Billie put the nip of vodka into his dry pack. He walked through the door and stumbled upon Ambroz tearing up as Guðrún and Dagur were sitting in the back giggling as they read a porn magazine. Billie approached Ambroz, knowing it's rough for him to be there.

"It seem like it was yesterday when I opened the bar for town." Ambroz stated in his accent. He sniffed.

"This place was the fucking best Ambroz. But we need to go. It's getting dark, and we can't sit in here waiting for the dead to come and eat us alive." Billie stated, he turned around and shouted to Guðrún and Dagur. "Come on you fools, we gotta get out of here before dark, you too Karl!"

Karl came out of the bathroom after urinating and the five left the bar, this time for good. Ambroz looked back but faced his emotions and moved on. They got back to their camp north of Berezino and setup the gas stove and heated up some venison they got by hunting earlier that day. Karl looked at his rifle and smiled.

"You know, I truly miss the days of huntin' with you folks. God damn those were some good days. It just ain't the same anymore when you're hunting to stay alive." Karl stated.

"Yeah. I miss them too Karl. But those days are unfortunately over." Billie said.

Guðrún got up to go and take a piss. While he was urinating, he noticed something in the distance. It was a beautiful buck. A huge smile appeared on Guðrún's face. He ran back to the camp quickly and fixed his belt.

"Gents! Get your guns! Quick! Be quiet though! Shhh!" Guðrún whispered in his very formal accent.

The five grabbed their rifles and slowly approached the tree where Guðrún pissed behind, heels first to make less noise. They saw the buck and all went prone except for Guðrún, who was ranging it out. Karl rested his barrel on a thick root sticking out of the piss-covered tree.

"I'd say... 125 meters. Who has the clearest shot?" Guðrún asked.

"I do." Karl said.

Their eyes adjusted to the night time sky. Karl placed his finger on the trigger and lined his crosshair right onto the deer's chest. He fired. The loud snap of his .308 rifle traveled through the air as the bullet pierced into the deer. They all got up and ran towards the deer. Guðrún slit the deer's throat inspected it.

"Right into the lungs. This would make for some great supper tomorrow, right my friends?" Guðrún asked.

"I'm afraid not my friend." Dagur said.

Dagur lifted the deer's rear left leg only to reveal bloody scratch marks on the deer's thigh. Whether it came from one of the infected, or an animal, they weren't going to risk getting sick. Guðrún grabbed his pale and began digging a hole to bury the deer. The others headed back to camp and continued eating. Guðrún returned with his dirty hands. They all stopped as they heard rustling coming from the bushes around them.

Chapter Two

Their eyes widened as the rustling stopped. They heard the moans of the infected surrounding them. The five grabbed their rifles and aimed in different directions. Karl looked at Billie, and then at Dagur.

"What is that?" Dagur questioned.

"Shhh!" Karl shouted.

The moaning stopped. Three walking corpses pushed through the bushes and toward Dagur. Startled, Dagur fired his rifle. The bullet hit the ground. Karl was able to shoot one down before the other two tackled Dagur. They began tearing away at Dagur. He screamed like a girl as his guts were pulled from his body. Tears rolled down his face and blood poured out his mouth like a waterfall. Everyone stood and watched in shock. Guðrún's mouth was wide open as his brother Dagur cried for help, but nothing could be done. Karl shot the other two infected, but Dagur was already long gone. Blood smothered over his body, his skin as pale as a daisy pedal. Guðrún mourned his brothers death and kneeled down beside him, trying to replace his guts. Karl began digging a grave as night drew to a close and morning drew in. Ambroz sat next to Guðrún and put his hand on his shoulder.

"You should not see this my friend. Please, come with me." Ambroz said, trying to convince Guðrún to come with him.

Guðrún smacked Ambroz's hand off his shoulder and stared into his brothers eyes. Ambroz approached Billie.

"I thought these woods were clear? I thought no dead could come this way?" Ambroz asked in his accent.

"The shots we fired at that deer must have attracted them. You know how they react to sound." Billie answered.

As Karl kept digging, the sound of rustling returned. Everyone except for Guðrún instantly got up and prepared to fire.

"Well shit! This ain't fucking good! I have to reload this thing!" Karl said.

"Fuck it! We gotta go!" Billie said.

Ambroz ran for Guðrún, but he was nowhere to be found. Ambroz stood in confusion for a few seconds and ran. The dead followed. Billie and Karl ran north and Ambroz soon caught up as he was much more fit and faster.

"My friends! It is Guðrún! I could not find him." Ambroz said, worriedly.

"Doesn't matter. We need to keep moving, or we will die." Karl responded.

"They're gaining on us!" Billie shouted.

They ran for miles. Eventually they lost the dead along a road and headed for Krasnostav. They caught their breath in a small home.

"My friends. I am worried for Guðrún. What if he died?" Ambroz suggested.

"I am sure he will turn up soon Ambroz, just give him some time to find us." Billie replied.

"Why don't we find him?" Ambroz asked.

"Ambroz, we need to move on. We have little to no supplies. Unfortunately, supplies are more important than Guðrún at the moment." Karl answered.

"He's right. Karl, go grab the houses on the northeast side of town, I'll grab these ones down here. Ambroz, if you want to look out for us, that would be great." Billie asked.

"Of course. I will keep eye out for Guðrún as well my friends." Ambroz said.

And so they began looting. Ambroz scoped out the surrounding area, mainly looking for Guðrún, but an eye out for people and the dead as well. The town was quiet for hours, and when they finished looting, they regrouped outside the house they were at before. They setup the portable gas stove and began to cook some beans and drink some cola.

"I did not find our friend, but this area seems very secure. We shall stay here until morning." Ambroz said.

"Alright. That sounds good. Let's get our minds off of Guðrún and of course Dagur. Let's look back at some memories." Billie suggested.

"Heh, I got one. Remember that time, I think it was 2004. We were just about to finish the first day of the annual Chernarus Hunting Competition when we stumbled upon possibly the most beautiful buck I think I have ever seen." Karl said

"Oh Jesus! I remember this story." Billie said.

"We watched it for a few seconds, and I took aim. I scoped in right at its middle right thigh. I fired the shot but my zeroing was off. I blew the fucker's balls off! Fucking exploded!" Karl laughed.

"I remember. It was terribly disgusting. But funny it was." Ambroz said, smiling.

"That might be." Billie gulped. "The funniest, most disgusting story we've shared. Haha!" Billie laughed.

Billie was cut off. He felt the cold steel of a gun barrel pointed right at the back of his head. The hammer cocked.

"All your fault." Guðrún said.

Chapter Three

Billie leaned back a little and closed his eyes. Karl slowly reached for his gun. Ambroz was in shock. Billie opened his eyes.

"Why? Why are you doing this?" Billie said.

"All. Your. Fault." Guðrún said.

"Okay, let's take it easy Guðrún." Karl said.

Billie stood up, Guðrún was still aiming at his head. Karl and Ambroz were still sitting. Billie put his hands up.

"I had nothing to do with the death of your brother Guðrún. You can blame the dead for that one." Billie said.

"No. You lead us. You lead us through our hunts. And now you lead us through this mess. What kind of leader gets his men killed? Especially to mindless corpses! You fucking fool. I should kill you right fucking now!" Guðrún said.

"They aren't mindless. They killed your brother. They aren't mindless." Billie stated.

"You proved my point. You fucking fool. He killed my brother. My strong, smart, brave brother. He fell to those things because you couldn't defend him. It was up to you, and you did nothing!" Guðrún yelled.

"Why didn't you take it into your hands? Why didn't you shoot them while they were tearing your brother to bits! Hell, if it weren't for you finding that deer, we wouldn't have shot it and attracted every roamer in fucking Chernarus!" Billie screamed.

"Guys calm! Don't attract the dead." Karl said.

"You're blaming me now? Because I spoke of a fucking deer? My brother shouldn't have died! It should have been you!" Guðrún shouted. 

"I don't have time for your shit anymore! Fucking do it! Kill me, right now!" Billie shouted.

Guðrún walked slowly towards Billie. Karl dropped his gun and ran between the two. He stuck his hands out.

"Guys, come fucking on! You're acting like a bunch of pussies! Guðrún, drop the damn gun, Billie, shut the fuck up. You got a shitty mouth." Karl said.

"Fuck you." Guðrún said.

Guðrún aimed his gun at Karl's chest and shot. A circle of blood enlarged on his chest as he dropped to the cold road. Guðrún stood in shock, having never killed a man in his life. Billie grabbed his rifle from around his back and aimed it at Guðrún. Guðrún slightly lifted his 1911 before having his brains blown out by Billie's rifle. Billie turned to find Ambroz covering his ears with his eyes closed and his head down. Billie looked up at the midnight sky and tears filled his eyes. He chucked his gun to the side. Ambroz ran off, but Billie didn't care. He sat down in the middle of the road, staring at the sky. He heard a loud gunshot from behind. He turned around only to see Guðrún's 1911 was missing.

Chapter Four

Billie decided to investigate the gunshot. He searched all over town for Ambroz, but couldn't find him. While walking back to the road where the corpses of Karl and Guðrún were, he noticed a shed with blood outside a couple hundred feet down the road. He slowly approached it and peaked inside. There Ambroz laid, cold blood surrounding him. A bullet hole in his temple. He had killed himself. With no expression whatsoever, Billie grabbed the pistol Ambroz used to kill himself with and shut the door. He put the gun in his holster and walked back to Karl's body. He grabbed the shovel that was connected to Karl's belt with a carabiner and walked off the road. He began digging a grave for his best friend Karl, and a grave for himself. When he finished both graves, he dragged Karl's body by the feet and carefully placed it inside. He looked at the body.

"I'm sorry friend. But it's time to say goodbye. Goodbye." Billie said.

He covered the grave with the mound of dirt. Billie then laid himself down in the other grave and fell asleep. By the time he awoke, it was already late in the day. He must have slept for a long time. He considered shooting himself with Guðrún's 1911, much like Ambroz did. He cocked the gun and held it against his head. Billie opened his eyes and saw the forest surrounding him. He put the gun back in his holster and climbed out of the grave, he then headed for the forest.

Billie walked for what seemed like days, but was really just hours. He must have been heading southwest because he ended up in Novy Sobor. He searched the homes and eventually came across a walkie talkie. Billie took out the smirnoff nip he found days ago in the Berezino bar and began to drink it. As he got drunker, he began to talk to the walkie talkie, which didn't work, but he didn't know that.

"Nobody told me how fucked up this world was going to be. Nobody told me I was going to lose my best friends just like that. What happened to society? Why is it, that when a catastrophe like this goes down... Why is it that we have to become each others enemies? Why can't we sit down and discuss the shitty books we find? Why can't we shoot our guns at targets or bucks instead of people? Why can't we just band together and fight the dead off instead of splitting into small groups or large factions? This isn't how people survive, this is how people die." Billie stated.









Hey guys! I started a new character today named Billie Wilbur because I wanted to write a great lore for him, instead of some half assed one that everyone will hate. I decided to write a full version of the lore here. I will add chapters as I go along, but first I want to finish the background lore. If you like where this is going and you don't want it spoiled then I suggest you do not read Billie Wilbur's current background on the character index!

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