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To any old friend out there (Open Freq)

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*James puts a Ciggarette in his mouth and he slowly lights it, he looks down on his bloody hands and the tears that have fallen up on them. He smokes his last smoke waiting on everybody to get ready to leave. He decides to grab his Radio and he pushes his PTT*

Hello, This is James... James Black... God i truly dont know who will stil recieve this but im leaving

*He looks down towards Phoebe, laying on the bed in pain and tears*

I have been here from the begining, i have been through it all, the UN Camps, the VDV, fucking everything. There has never been anyone to give me a reason to take my family out of this god forsaken country, but it happened.

*A tear rols down his cheek, as you hear he tries to keep himself together*

Im leaving North, me and my family are going to get people together to take care of the people that are making this place the hell it is. I dont know how long it will take, possibly months, but i will be back.  Bjorn, if you are still out there and if you hear this, i have waited for you for the past 3 months, but you never came back, im so sorry but i cant do anything else then leave now, I loved you brother, never forget that.

*He wipes away the tear, and you hear a bit more seriously toned voice*

 Everyone that fought by my side, that supported me in these last couple of months, anyone that travled with me or anyone that loved me. 

*He pauses*

Thank you,

This was James Black, Stay Safe everybody

*He relases his PTT, and hears the familiar voices outside ready to leave, he takes a long hit from his Ciggarette and flicks it off*


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