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Hallo there Grey [Private Freq]

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Jade takes out her radio, and sighs while pressing PTT 

Grey it's jade, i need to talk to you.

You can hear that she is annoyed.

I will be honest with you, it's not like i want to, but it's important, and i hope you are willing to meet up with me, i simply just need to talk to you, about things from the past.

She turns the radio off, hoping he will soon contact her.






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*Grey would drop an empty bag that contained some sort of powder. Rolling his eyes, he pulls his radio off of his vest and presses the PTT*

*You would hear a strong English accent*

Ahh right, I see. So you need a word with me about something sooo bloody important, you can't tell me over a radio ay? You know what. Yeah. I'll meet ya. But he best bring plenty of ammo.

*Grey pauses for a moment before smiling and clipping his radio back onto his vest*


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