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Common Folk people and friends [private]

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*Falk can be seen laying against a tree. He has cuts and and is bleeding. His left eye is bandage up but with blood stain rag. He picks up the radio from his belt and presses the PTT*


Anyone on the radio. 

Is anyone on the fucking frequency. 

fucking cunts. 


if anyone is listening it's me Falk. From the trading camp in Tortuga.  I hope the trading camp is still there.

Fucking hell it fucking better be. 


I was driving with kricket and we stopped up and I went for a piss and all of sudden I hear crys and screams. People come out of no where these fucking French or some shit wankers come out and do a fucking hold up. There was to load if these toss pots there. 


I get my bag and gun taken off me and they put a bag over my head and we were travelling for few days. Not sure where we went but when we arrived at this place it was a fucking slaughter house. I don't mean animal slaughter house it was fucking human slaughter house. These French tossers were cutting up and eating motherfuckers there. 


cut long story short one of those cunts put one those shell fish shell openers in my fucking eye. I got out in the end. I found there storage shed and found my backpack and gun. 


oh yeah and few petrol bombs and I took them and torched the place and ran. I'm back now anyway I think well I'm getting closer. I'll be be back soon. 


keep an eye out for them freaks there around probably in hills watching cunts if there's any left. 


*let's go of the PTT*


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* Jeffery listens to the radio message from Falk *

This is Jeffery Holmes the Tortuga Trading Post has shut down cuz of bandits and bad people,

we got some information from a civilian that was there that it was people with "Russian" accents.

Aswell as not many of us around anymore, I think most of us went to hiding, as well as I'm going to hiding.

Whenever your back around ill come out of hiding and let's find these French bastards that took you away.

* Jeffery turns off his radio and puts it in his pocket *

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* Sofia picks up her radio and presses down on the PTT * 

I was wondering what had happened to you, and I'm glad you got out of there alive.  I left for nearly a week, and when I came back it was like a ghost town -- I'm really sorry, I should have just stayed put.  I met up with Joey and he said something about the camp moving to Kab at one point, but now it's gone and I haven't seen anyone else except for Fae and some of the Fangs. Tortuga's pretty much gone too, I think the Fangs have moved on from Stary for the most part. I'm still here, hanging around Joey's house, so when you get back I'll do what I can for medical.

* She releases the PTT *

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