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Ken... (Private Freq.)

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*Michael brings his radio to his face, his voice trembling with rage and sadness*

Ken, my friend. My brother.
I... I'm leaving with Tony.
I can't take this fuckin' country anymore.
Maybe I'll come back and... and...

*He sighs and yells at the top of his lungs*


*Michael drops to his knees and pounds his fist into the dirt, bloodying his knuckles. He pants loudly and speaks once more*

Stay safe Ken. Don't you die on me too.

*The radio falls silent*

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*Ken sits up from the bed in the old cannibal's cabin he was staying in, and hear's Michael on the radio. He quickly grabs it in a fit of frustration, confusion, sadness, and a hint of feeling betrayed*

"M-Michael? What do you mean?

You can't just leave us!

You're a brother to me Michael, we need you. Now more than ever. If Tony is leaving the country then we are on our own.

We need you here."

*For the first time since Tion's death, Ken sheds a tear*

"Michael, my sole purpose that I still have left in this world is keeping family together. You've been there since the start.

With Blake, with Cole, with Jack,

with TION.

Come back brother, family stays together."

*Ken winces at the pain on his leg from the wolf bite, and then says one last thing*

"Don't let the fuckin' looloos get ya."

*Ken releases the PTT*

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*Michael stops walking and hesitates before grabbing his radio once more and pressing down the PTT*

Ken I...
Things are falling apart.

I can't just...

*Michael sighs and turns around*

I'm coming back Ken.

*He releases the PTT and begins to walk back towards the direction he came from*

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