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The identifiable of LtCdr. Mclerney's Journal

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*First five or six pages are soaked in some type of red liquid, possibly blood*


Its been weeks since I've seen a decent human being. I believe I'm going insane out here. I'm seeing things... Crazy things, no one could ever imagine. I would think the Navy would have prepared me for this. For the past few days all's I've eaten was half of a rotten apple and some dirty water from a puddle. I remember vividly the dirt scraping my throat as I drunk from the puddle. After I took a swig I said out loud what I was thinking. "I'm not going to survive out here.. Not alone-- If I don't find anyone-- I cant think about this." At that moment, I heard gunfire. My military instincts took me over and I dove for cover gripping the bottom of my bipod of my M4. I jumped right back up and waved my gun around. I was screaming on the top of my lungs "Come out here you mother f*ckers!". I backed to a near by barn for decent cover and I saw these two people, they looked dirty and like they haven't changed their clothes in days. I pulled my gun and I told them to lower their weapons. I frisked them-- I didn't find much. I didn't take anything they had, I even gave them the other half of the apple that I had saved. We didn't trade names and we barely spoke. They seemed scared of me. As if they thought I was going to hurt them. It makes me disgusted knowing people could be frightened of me, like I was this incredible monster. I helped them, and I got nothing back. I didn't expect anything back, except for one thing. The only god damn thing that matters now a days-- RESPECT. I had my sights on them as they walked swiftly away. I don't think this world has room for me anymore. I need some sleep.

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