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What Remains (Open Frequency)

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*Sweaty and out of breath, Scott finally reached the top of the antenna mast at Green Mountain. He edged himself out onto the rusty catwalk and looked for a place to set his device. It was a transmitter and an old tape deck taped together with a long piece of wire coming out of the antenna port on the radio. He carefully ran the wire around the tower and taped it in position. He flipped the transmitter to 'Frequency Hop' , then keyed the radio and taped the PTT down. Last he hit 'повторение' on the tape deck. Satisfied with his work he looked out over the treetops and smiled before slipping down the mast and disappearing back into the woods.*

-The message repeats-

"Attention US and NATO forces in the area. To my Brothers in Arms and my partner nation friends, if you are hearing this you are not alone. We might have lost the battle against these things but I am dead set on us not losing the fucking war. There is still hope, we can all still make it out of this, but to do that we need to organize. I can't do this alone. None of us can. I don't care if you are a Marine, Soldier, Sailor, or Airman... I need your help. My name is SSgt Scott Merriman, United States Air Force. Contact me on LMR Freq 101 for further information. It's time to go back to work everyone."


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Almost outraged after hearing the last reply, he calms himself down a tad before responding on that frequency in a timely manner; one can still roughly assess the feelings through the intonation of words and so on. 


<:: Uh, what? "Want to be government"? NATO is already an established international entity and, may I remind anyone listening, still a global thing, even if occupied with their own domestic battles. An entity that is roughly half a century old and the combined powers of the western nations that can simply nuke this province - I hope they don't, it's my home, just saying. 


<:: I can hardly accept any opportunistic people that ironically want to be a "want to be government" insult the people who helped this country and took some of the impact and casualties. What was the Commonwealth again? Didn't see much action and talking when the last "revoluzzers" in this country were mopped up by national and international forces. 


<:: To anyone in question, I might not be NATO but stand strong. The extremists, terrorists, whatever, are highly scared of any traces of official powers regrouping. It threatens their temporary power trips and illusions of holding the scepter. Do not falter, this mess is over in due time. And don't let threats get to you; your mere presence already hurts "them". Let them live with that uncertainty of what's out there and do not go there to give up. That would just prolong the problem and betray your colleagues and pals, dead and alive alike.



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*Michael whilst lying in bed jumps up after he hears a familiar broadcast on his radio he grabs at his radio quickly and presses down to transmit a stutter can be heard in his voice*

Well..look who decides to show up!. I thought you guys decided that the soldiers that you sent were dispensable and better off left in this country to die!. We requested reinforcements and orders from you guys ages ago but we got no response. I lost good men..friends..brothers..t..t.they killed my family some of them strung up on lampposts by civilians we were sent to protect against the infection...We asked for help but one came! and now you show up...

*Michael would try to compose himself down the radio and carry on speaking*

Staff Sergeant..please know this country is lost..the people do not want our help or our aid. For the life of your men and any further blood shed go back now. I..I don't want to see anymore of you killed the the population. If..you want to talk do so..but contact me over a secure frequency. 

And as for the Russian gentlemen on this net haven't you seen enough blood shed..can we not work together against the infection without tearing at each others throat..? I don't want to see anymore soldiers die from bad choices. I've had enough of death.

Stay safe and be careful out there. this is Sergeant Smith reporting out.

*Michael stop transmitting and would chuck his radio to his side in anger. Placing his hands over his face he would let out a suppressed weep trying not to wake the other sleeping nearby* 


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