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Personal Thoughts (Open Frequency)

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* You hear a few moments of someone scuffling with it's radio before the sounds of crows cawing can be heard. The voice over the radio has a English accent and sounds heavily sedated. *

" I tire of people's problems. The endless misery that follows us is what makes life so much more interesting. I feel very little pity for those that feel sorrow for themselves.
One minute everyone is laughing and having a good time, the next there's screaming and gunshots. Ah, the unpredictable nature of life. I'm pretty good at blending in if need be,
but sometimes I like to let loose. Lets people see the other side of me. Or maybe I shall continue to stay silent, watch others say and do things that I don't agree with. I could walk into the mouth of hell this very instant and nobody would be the wiser. I think I'm going mad, or maybe I was never sane to begin with. I think I'll take my chances with the unknown, maybe I'll like what I see. I've tried acting 'normal' and it just made me more bitter. I didn't transmit this message for anyone in particular, I didn't do this to show how tough I am. I just said these things because it much more easier saying this over a radio than face to face with a person, or people. Then again maybe this whole thing will fall on deaf ears, and I'm just pissing in the wind. Oh well, it was worth a shot."

* The voice then goes silent as you hear the bird call once more before the transmission goes silent. *

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*Flipping through frequencies per usual Lo stops hearing the man sluggishly monologue over the radio waves, she pauses and listens intently seeming to ponder what he might be trying to say. After he stops transmitting she taps a finger against the side of the radio casing, electing to press down the PTT. Her voice young, and soft seeming unsure as static whines clouding her words.*

Uhm, sometimes people get confused, I think ...  You know? Maybe you're confused too, Mister. Sometimes bad things happen and people get super duper confused, all the time even! But my Uncle used to say you gotta be smarter and stuff. You gotta make sure no one knows you're feeling weird, or aren't like normal or whatever 'cause that's a weakness, you gotta stay behind the scenes or something. I dunno, he said a lot of stuff I sorta get, but sometimes don't sorta get too?

I dunno ... It's a little confusing to think about but ah well...

*You could almost hear her physically shrug as she spoke. Pausing for a moment, she continues.*

 Will said, it's better to listen and be unseen that way you learn a lot 'cause that's more powerful than anything out there, right?

Or something like that...

So don't feel down, okay Mister? You sound awfully sleepy though, maybe you should nap or somethin' and that way you'll feel better!

*She released the PTT, frowning down at the radio face with concentration before rolling one shoulder and putting her radio back into her jacket.*

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7 minutes ago, Brayces said:


* The man hears the response to his ramblings and replies back. *

" Well aren't you a ray of sunshine in this bleak world we live in. I've met people like you before, and you're not wrong. I could take a more positive approach to things, but where's the fun in that. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than constantly optimistic. "

* The transmission cuts out. *

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43 minutes ago, Hellspawnceri said:


*While stuffing items into her pack, she hears her radio buzz and a familiar voice muffled by her jacket comes through. Pulling her Radio free, Lo listens to the man speak smiling softly to herself as she hears his words. She waited a moment before responding, her brows knitted and biting her lip. Upon hearing him finish speaking, she presses the PTT sounding a little more confident and less unsure than the first time speaking with him.*

Didja get a nap yet, Mister? 

*She lets out a small giggle, though it sounds hallow and empty.*

I 'unno about me being any sort of sunshine, or anything ... I feel more like a big ol' raincloud lately ... 

I know it's good to be positive and stuff, like you say ...

But sometimes I think it's hard, but I guess we gotta keep tryin'... Gotta keep going, or something? I guess?

*She sighs audibly, appearing conflicted about speaking so openly, or possibly about the words she was speaking. Her voice hesitant as she continues.* 

...But that's why Uncle Seth said you gotta make sure no one knows what you're thinkin' or feelin'. 

So they don't know you're sad or down, and they can't I guess do something knowing that.

But, I don't have any idea what someone would be able to do knowin' you're sad and stuff!

*She shuffles, adjusting herself on her knees, settling down.*

It is nice though, when something good does happen, right? I like those times.

Just wish they'd happen more.

But, when you say you'd rather be surprised you mean like when someone gets you a gift without tellin' you?

Or when you find a really neat hat, like that?

*Cocking her head inquisitively, as if directly speaking to the man, she lets go of the PTT, awaiting his response.*

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2 hours ago, Brayces said:


* Duncan sits against a lone tree in the middle of a field, waiting to hear a response. He smiles to himself as he hears the same voice respond again, he begins to reply. *

" I've been sleeping for a long time and I only just awoke from the slumber. If you are referring to giving up on life you'll have nothing to worry, I will as you put it 'keep going'. Your uncle sounds like a smart man, but I'm sure he felt lonely once and a while. Felt the need to talk to someone, it would be a shame to keep all your thoughts to yourself. Sounds like you're looking for the good times again, and I can't blame you for chasing that dream. But if you do like surprises, I'd keep up that curiosity of yours. You can call me Duncan by the way. "

* The sound of strong wind blowing can be heard just before the message ends. *

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*Hearing the voice come through the radio again, Lo quickly moved to listen tugging it free from her pocket and placing her whittling knife and stick back on the table top carefully. As she regarded his words she felt herself nodding, waiting to respond.*

You sure musta slept a long time, sometimes I sleep a long time too when I'm suppppeerr tired. But, I'm happy to know that you're not gonna like, give up and stuff and sleep for like ever or somethin'. 'Cause that would be pretty bad I think.

And yeah! Uncle Seth was real smart, he knew like everything about everything there is to know. But, uh, he's not around anymore...

*Her voice paused, the static crackled in place of the silence between her thoughts.*

But yeah ... I think it's good to talk to people too! Oh, Mr. Duncan huh?

I'm ... A-Anna!

Y-yep. Anna, I guess it's not a very cool nam--

*Another voice could be heard in the background, not completely clear nor audible, but the tone suggested they may not be pleased. With the PTT still depressed Lo's voice now directed at the other person, a male.*


*A vague response could be heard from the man, while Lo's voice becomes timid and meek.*

W-what? No, I'm not...

*Another response, still not audible from the man, as Lo responds stuttering.*

Just, y-you know ... J-just someone on ...

*The sound of scuffling and static could be heard as the Radio sounds like it leaves Lo's hands her voice exclaiming, with audio still transmitting a distinct and proper sounding English accented voice speaks through, seeming far away as if the Radio is being held at arms length.*

What have I taught you? Do NOT do this, Lo. You know it's--

*The audio stops, and the transmission ends unceremoniously.*

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35 minutes ago, Brayces said:


* Duncan reaches over to his radio to listen in as he hears a familiar voice speaking over the frequency again. He furrows his brow while the whole thing unfolds, and begins to talk into the radio a minute or two after the audio cuts out. *

" I'm guessing your not to speak to strangers Anna. Oh well, it was fun talking to you while it lasted. I'm sure everything will work itself out in the end, you know some people believe everything happens for a reason. Not that I do of course, but it's still an interesting thought. Good-luck out there."

* There is a loud thump before the sound of rustling leaves can be heard. The message ends with someone sighing. *

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