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Radio Broadcasts From Beyond - [Multiple Sources]

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*as you scan the radio waves you come across a weather report being broadcast by an English speaking Russian*

"------ZZZZZZZZZ-------with highs winds moving in from the south with cold temperatures and the potential for freezing rain and some snow expected in parts of the Black Mountains and the northern frontier of South Zagoria moving into next week. In Sochi, clear skies and cooler temperatures around 10 degrees celsius are forecast. Recommended for those in Chernarus and areas south of Sochi to bundle up as temperatures drop and we move into winter......" 

*the frequency would go into Russian and then become inaudible as static takes over*

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*Giovanni sits up, He rumages in his bag for his radio in the dark, he finds it. He attempts to turn it on then smacks Benji on the head with it to get it to light up. He presses down the PTT Button*

Well well well, sounds like we got a weather man.

If there is a weatherman then there's people somewhere who are civilized!

*He looks around the blackened room*

Stay safe out there guys!

*The radio cuts out*

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*Becky perks up as she hears the sudden weather forecast blare over her radio.  It was a shock to her honestly.  Traveling so far she had never managed to come across something so... normal.  She reached for her radio, pressing down the PTT.*

"Hopefully this gives a little bit of hope to those who feel as if the world can't be the way it used to be.  We can do it, we just need a bit of faith and hard work.  Remember to bundle up people."

*She takes her thumb off the PTT and continues about her way.*

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*as you scan the airwaves you come across what sounds like a reporter speaking english with a local American accent*

"The Kirovograd Operations Room of the BPR has claimed the destruction of two loyalist tanks and 3 BMPs south of the city as army incursion units moved in to clear an artillery position."

*the frequency fades out*

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*you hear an odd voice that seems to be imitating someone else in a southern American accent, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with Chernarus*

"The weather out there today is hot and shitty with continued hot and shitty in the afternoon. Tomorrow a chance of continued crappy with a pissy weather front coming down from the north. Basically, it's hotter than a snake's ass in a wagon rut."

*the long-range broadcast quickly comes to an end*

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...Static comes across the airwaves, before the transmission becomes clear for a few moments…
A man’s voice comes across the waves, sounding panicked as he almost shouts in Russian.

“2-18, этот пограничный контрольно-пропускной пункт 77, срочное обновление статуса!”


2-18, this is border checkpoint 77, urgent status update!

The response comes in Russian as well, but sounding much calmer, even businesslike.
“Контрольная точка 77, Отправь это.”


Checkpoint 77, Send it.

“Мы полны инфицированных!”


We are overrun by infected!

There is the sound of large amounts of automatic weapons fire, and shouting.
“Мы не можем держаться! Большинство из нас уже мертво! Мы должны отступить!”


We can not hold on! Most of us are already dead! We must retreat!

“Отрицание! Вы должны держаться! Подкрепления уже в пути.”


Negative! You have to hold on! Reinforcements are already on the way.

“Я забаррикадирую себя!”


I'll barricade myself!

A heavy metal door slams, and locks clack into place. Someone reloads a rifle.
“Им лучше добраться сюда быстро! 80-100 зомби! 7 из наших 12 мертвы!”


They better get here quickly! 80-100 zombies! 7 of our 12 are dead!

“Вы хорошо поработали для России. Быть безопасным.”


You have done a good job for Russia. Be safe.

“Мы будем держать его как можно дольше--”


We will hold as long as possible--

There is the muffled sound of jets flying overhead, followed by massive explosions before the transmission fades to static.


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*A Russian news update team can be heard transmitting.. through bits of static.*


Это будет очень холодно в этот уик-энд Рождества, с минимумами в -20 градусов по Цельсию. Ожидается, что ветровые ожоги укусят до -26 по Цельсию. Объедините людей, постарайтесь оставаться там теплыми.


It's going to be seriously cold this Christmass weekend, with lows in the -20 celsius. Wind chills are expected to  bite down to -26 celsius. Bundle up folks, try to stay warm out there.

*Static would once again return.*

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*Somewhere far, as evident by the static over the broadcast, a man hums a song. Those who are familiar with American history might recognize the man's song as "Dixie". He then begins to call for a man while a woman audibly struggle in the background.*


"Charlie... Cha-zzzzzzZZT- I got your girl, Charlie. You take my shit, I take yours, ya hear?" 


There's the sound of a slight scuffle in which the strange man seems to hit the woman and she wails for a moment.


"She's a live one, Chuckie Boy. I see why you live for her. She's got claws... but I fucked her up somethin' awful, brother. I don't think she'll make it through the night if you don't FUCKING ANSWER ME." 


He hits her again, and the radio goes silent for a moment or two. 

"Listen to me, you rat piece of shit, I'll fucking kill yo-Ssssshhhhhhtt-. I'll kill you and everything you love if you hurt her again. All this over a fucking blanket?"


There's a chuckle from the other end as the muffled cries seem to grow louder. 


"Tell him whatever you want Darlin'... Say it now, because you won't get another ch-zzsssssht-. He dun fucked ya."


A woman's voice chimes in, obviously scared, crying through her words, frantically trying to get out her message.


"Danny, Charlie... I'm so sorry - Please-sssssssssht-, I'm sorry, i love y-"


The sound of a gunshot rings over the radio and then the strange man begins to chuckle. 


"Ehhhyep. That's how yer s'posed to deal with thieves, Chuckie b-ssssssht-. I'mma comin' fer yer baby boy too. Trust and believe."


"Cassie?! You fucking piece of shit! WHAT DID YOU DO?! -zzzzZZttttttt-Come find me! I'll fucking tear you apart you sick fuck!"


The radio is silent once more.


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