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To anybody who wants to fight for freedom

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* Ty sits in a chair in some abandoned house, sipping on a glass of whiskey to take the pain away from his gunshot wound *

* He has thought long and hard about what he is going to say *

" Hello, i am reaching out to all my friends, far and wide. "

" I am contacting you today about a proposal, a proposal that could set the course of our lives for good. "

* He takes a sip of his whiskey *

" Most of you know by now that there is a group out there called the PAU. They don't want nothing but pain from others. And they seem to get it quite often "

" I myself have seen their works in the making, and have watched close friends die because of them. "

" It's a never ending malace that must be stopped. I am asking of anyone to come foward, gather our arms and fight this power that wants nothing but to hurt us. "

* He pauses for a moment. Thinking to himself " Will this even work? " *

* He presses the button on his radio again, holding it down *

" If you wish to fight the people that want to harm you, contact me privately "

" But mark my word, this will not be an easy fight. It will takes weeks, maybe months to wipe out the PAU, but it is possible "

* You can hear him slamming his glass of whisky on the table through the radio as he signs off *


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*Laying down on a hill, hunting for his herd of Cow, He hears the radio go off*

"Ah friend, Im gonna be honest with you, You sound like an idiot who's watched too many War Movies,

Like Patton, Sorry to say friend, But I don't think anyone is willing to put their weapons up for you. Sorry"

*He Lets go of the PTT As he sees the herd move, He puts his finger on the trigger and lets off a round*


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*picks up the radio*

"Sounds stupid"

*drops the radio*


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*Petr sighs and picks up his radio off the desk, a deep Chernarussian voice can be heard coming through*

Hey listen pal.. if you want to die go right on ahead. Use your head. Keep it down. And survive.

*He sighs deeply and rubs his eyes*

Nobody will remember you. Nobody will give two fucks what you are doing. Just put your damn head down and shut your mouth. There is no need for more death.

*He puts the radio back down on the desk and continues writing*

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*Finn, picks up his radio. A friendly voice is heard.*

" I don't know why you want to hurt them, they've done nothing but been cool to me. "

" But again, I don't hog supplies and actually help people that need it.  "

" Just mind your own business and maybe they'll leave you alone.. they're pretty cool dudes if you're nice to them. "

" Just try it out buddy, good luck out there. "

*The transmission cuts*

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