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S1: Abuse of Game Mechanics, Stary Sobor - 23/11/2017 7:26ish Server Time

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Server and location: Stary Sobor, Sever 1

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  Thursday November 23rd, 07:26ish Sever Time 

Your in game name: Murry Webber

Names of allies involved:  Eli Gray

Name of suspect/s:  @darkdrewlord 

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  Nope

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  None that I know about

Detailed description of the events: We were following this guy for about an hour or so, he was traveling in a large group so we had to wait him out. Personally I did not know him, but I heard he shot at the boss of our little group. So I agreed to help capture him, the plan was that I initiate and Eli would be behind him.

Eventually he moves away from the town and we drop the initiation, both of us behind him, him being a text role player and seemingly new, I perhaps gave him more slack than I should have, which he hanged me with. He then opened and started eating a can of food ( which I know is a glitchy animation to stop fast ) and asked .... I forget IC or OOC if he could finish it before complying, I responded in OOC that he could, he then starts spinning and what not on the spot, while Eli is pointing an AK at him from the opposite side telling him to comply, the man then spent his entire clip and self defense slaughtered me....

I think is is shaky ground, it might have been my fault for not shooting him the second he started eating, but I am of the mind that entering into a long animation, if done on purpose, and then suicide by the method he chose is against the rules?

Order of events as I know them

> Follow him from town, Ally is with me

> Follow him into building

> when behind him, point gun at him and order him to put his hands up immediately or die

> after a moment, he begins eating a can of peaches I believe, asks ooc(I am only pretty sure, not 100%, hard to remember in the moment)  if hes allowed to finish

> I responded OOC that he was allowed too, we not holding an animation against him

> Ally reminds him that he better do as he is told or will die, standing now on the opposite side of him

> Animation finishes, his gun pops back out and I am dead before I am even aware hes shooting

> The predictable result, Eli ( from our teamspeak, not in character knowledge ) confirmed he was dead a moment latter


Edited by Dustin1

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Hanging out in Stary for some sweet campfire rps, I see Peter Zolsevich, we tale him around Stary trying to get him alone we finally do and when we initiate on him he eats I told him to drop his gun as soon as he is done because animations and shit after he is done eating when this happens he opens fire and is blasted. 


No vid

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Please update the title of the report according to the posting rules found in the report posting rules.
Failure to do this within 24 hours will result in the closure of this report.


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Just adding my POV to this - you initiated on me in the building while I was eating a can of peaches, and I asked IC if I could finish, hoping I could somehow get the drop on both of you. Once I did, I quickly attempted to shoot and kill both of you, however I failed in doing so, only killing one of you. I'm sorry if the game bugged out on your screen, and you didn't immediately see what I was up to, but I can't be to blame for that, I simply tried to defend myself.

Edited by darkdrewlord

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Hit Logs:

07:15:47 | "Peter Zolsevich SHOT Murry Webber  by AKS74U into pelvis."
07:15:48 | "Eli Grey SHOT Peter Zolsevich by M4A1 into LeftLeg."
07:15:48 | "Eli GreySHOT Peter Zolsevich by M4A1 into RightArm."

Death Logs:

07:15:48 | "Murry Webber DIED Blood <= 0"
07:15:50 | "Peter Zolsevich  DIED Blood <= 0"

Connection Logs:

06:02:41 | Player "Peter Zolsevich" is connected 
07:17:01 | Player "Peter Zolsevich"  has been disconnected <-- KIA

06:01:23 | Player "Murry Webber" is connected 
07:21:00 | Player "Murry Webber" has been disconnected <-- KIA

06:01:06 | Player "Eli Grey" is connected 
07:17:55 | Player "Eli Grey"has been disconnected
07:17:55 | Player "Eli Grey" as been disconnected
07:18:54 | Player "Eli Grey" is connected 
08:08:26 | Player "Eli Grey" has been disconnected

Chat Logs:


06:34:54 | Chat("Murry Webber": Jesus hung on the cross next to criminals, there will always be more bandits.....
06:38:46 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Jeez and to think we made it this long.
06:39:07 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": HE HAS A BARREL
06:39:14 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": HE FOUND A BARREL
06:40:14 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Congratulations.
06:41:32 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Public church barrel. I like that.
06:42:25 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Do not question the barrel and all its power.
06:45:18 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": It's like watching paint dry, or grass grow. It's pretty exciting.
06:46:12 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": I'll give you mine to borrow if you want
06:47:09 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Take a look at that craftsmanship.
06:49:20 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Do you mind?
06:54:51 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": This is a fucking sausage fest
06:57:20 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Hello
06:58:58 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": You can make fucking leather bags?
06:59:40 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": You look like one of those fucking native americans from the history books
06:59:52 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": It's not racist if it's true
07:01:27 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Nah, I'm good.
07:03:10 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Exactly.
07:03:24 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": I'll do it!
07:03:27 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": BANG
07:04:12 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Nah, I'm good.
07:04:42 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Free apples?
07:04:48 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Don't mind if I do.
07:05:44 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Alright
07:06:08 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": I'm never going to see that knife again.
07:07:18 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": This is a big ass backpack
07:07:49 | Chat("Murry Webber": *taps his radio* dam thing seems to be stuck
07:08:25 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": SOMEBODY STOLE THE BARREL
07:09:19 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": I think i'm gonna vomit
07:09:41 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Peter.
07:10:00 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": I am from here, yes.
07:10:25 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Sure, I can read Russian.
07:10:41 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": But I wont tell you what it means. It ruins the fun.
07:12:03 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": With what?
07:12:26 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": I got on
07:12:28 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Show me.
07:13:23 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": He's....gone.
07:13:26 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Oh wait, nevermind.
07:14:55 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Infected.
07:15:22 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Hm?
07:15:34 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Ok.
07:15:38 | Chat("Peter Zolsevich": Mind if I finish?


These people show in the logs: Please upload any unedited footage you have of the situation along with your POV.

@Dustin1 - Murry Webber | @twig - Eli Grey | @darkdrewlord - Peter Zolsevich


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@darkdrewlord [Abuse of game mechanics ]: Not Guilty


@darkdrewlord You were accused of abusing text chat in this report. The OP felt this was abuse of game mechanics because with you had said “Mind if I finish?” in regards to your peaches, afterward you pulled a gun out and then shot them.  There would have been an issue in this case if this was done with  ‘’//’’ since that would have been abusing the OOC chat in means to gain an advantage on your foes, but since that’s not the case and all of this was done IC you have been found not guilty of AOGM.


@darkdrewlord  [Abuse of game mechanics ]:  No Punishment


Verdict by Eagle @Ark & @Jade

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