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[87.5] Petr?

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Faith sits in a cabin besides Casper, he seemed to be fast asleep. She turns down the sound of her radio so she could maintain the crackles didn't disturb him. Gathering her thoughts, she shakes her head before pushing herself off of the bed to leave the small home. Leaving her husband to sleep peacefully. Her footsteps trace down a dirt path to the forest as she turns the radio up and tuning it into the frequency Holmen and Hawk had provided. She didn't know how to come across talking to a man who seemed a little bit dangerous from what she heard from others. She sighs, shaking off the feeling it was a bad idea. Just pressing down the button and talking instead of standing out in the cold.

"Petr, you don't know me but I know a lot about you. I know, a bit of a creepy way to start a conversation but I don't know what else to say...


I need to get everything right about what I've been hearing to make a full decision. Right now I'm stuck and I need your help. Sorry, to the point. You know of Kristian Holmen and Casper Hawk, I'm close to them both... My name is Faith. I've heard a lot and I heard my friend has screwed up... I just need to know your side of the story.

I don't mind meeting you alone. I promise no harm, I would just like to talk. I need to understand what is going on. Right now, my friends are stuck in a mess... Some of them don't even know about it from what I see.. And.... I... don't want to sit and wait for something.... well... wrong... to happen.

I've heard about this whole alliance between you, Holmen and Rory. Apparently some things have happened and now I see split choices between the people I know. I want to know what your thoughts, opinions and the story of your side is. I don't think it's fair just to follow one story, shake my head and so called 'go against you'. 

If you're concerned on who I am, who I work for or anything that may bother you. Feel free to ask and I can easily tell you. I don't mind if you want to meet face-to-face or on the radio, it's up to you. I just need to see what the heck is going on here... 

I... Hope to hear from you soon Mr. Petr."

She sighs heavily to herself, looking back on the line of cabins, heavy in thought before flickering her emerald green eyes back to the forest. The static crackling back to life as she releases the push-to-talk. She stands, waiting for some sort of reply. Not realising how long she had been stood outside with an urge of response from the unknown man she heard many stories about.

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*Petr would return home after a long jog to clear his head, he knocks on the door to the house before he walks inside and goes to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. As he is drinking Nikki comes up behind him, speaking in a solemn tone. ''Petr. Someone called while you were out.. Ive wrote it down.'' He would turn around with a curious look and nods to her before showing a small smile ''Thanks Nikki.'' He walks to the bedroom and sits down at the small desk, reading the transcript in front of him, he picks up a pen circling and underlining several things. Nikki standing in the doorway as she waits for him to speak. Petr sighs deeply and rubs his eyes. ''Seems the tides are changing.. Best fix this quickly.'' He glances around at her to see a nod before he picks up his radio from the desk and speaks into it clearly, he would have a polite and solemn tone to his voice. Steps back be heard on a hardwood floor approaching behind him then stopping.*

Ahoj Ma'am. I do not believe we have met yet.. and unlike you I don't know anything about you... However if you are friends with Major Holmen and Doctor Rory that is good enough for me.

*He sighs and glances back at Nikki again before turn and writing some ideas on the paper, a faint scribbling is heard before he responds a few seconds later*

Firstly... Nice to hear from you Miss Faith. However I would like to know more about this friend that has ''Screwed up''? If this is something you wish to address in a meeting so be it. As for the meeting itself you may bring your friends if you wish that is not something I am worried about.. I will show alone too of course if that is what you wish and we can discuss this civilly.

*He stops transmitting for a few seconds as he scores something off he wrote down, he then picks the radio back up and speaks into it once more*

Secondly, I would hate for you to have to.. ''Go against me.''  I do not want more violence Miss Faith. But I feel like meeting face to face will resolve this issue a lot easier. Hopefully it will give you a better sense for who we are and what we do. I hope to hear from you soon Miss Faith.. And have a very pleasant evening.

*Petr sets the radio back down and leans back In his chair sighing deeply as he rubs his eyes, he speaks low in Chernarussian* ''This... is not going to be good...'' *Nikki walks up to him putting a reassuring hand on his shoulder but nods in agreement, Petr looks up at her* ''Time to get to work eh?'' *He frowns and once again she nods. With that he grabs his radio again and changes the frequency, he speaks into it before returning it back to 87.5. He gets changed, clips the radio to his belt and sets off down the road again.*

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Faith's arms aligned with goosebumps followed with the shivers from the cold night that eased in slowly. She could see her own breath smoke out before vanishing without another trace as she finally heard Petr's response. A frown furrows along her brows as she seems to be confused. Why? Because the way Holmen acted compared to how nice this man seemed. She could only take Casper's advice that he seemed nice which made her decision a bit more biased instead of wondering if it was an act or not. She presses down the PTT again, teeth slightly chattering as she responds quickly.

"Well... Where would you like to meet and at what time Mr. Petr?" 

She sniffles a little before turning the volume down, having the urge to go back to her and her husband's cabin. She slips through the door. Keeping the radio close to her for a response of discretion of location for this meeting she arranged.

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*Petr would be sitting down with Nikki beside a campfire as they cook something to eat, he looks down at listens to his radio before looking up at Nikki* ''Where do you think?'' *Nikki just shrugs so Petr takes his radio off his belt and speaks into it. The soft cracking of a fire and the sizzling of cooking meat can be heard, a faint breeze can be heard blowing through the trees above them as he talks*

Where ever you want Miss Faith. I will show alone at any location and time of your choosing. Take it as a sign of good faith.

*He would chuckle briefly before he stops the transmission and goes back to cooking his food. He sets his radio on the ground beside him as he waits for her to reply again*

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