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Jack Rees-Mountbatten

Strana Vzkříšení - Anyone left [Open Frq]

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*Presses PTT*


*A stern monotone Slavic voice is heard *


Hello, this is Rytíř. 

I fear that I am the only party member left in the South Zagadia.

Please if there is anyone out there, respond. 

We must band together for the sake of our glorious province.

To our vůdce. 





*Releases PTT*

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*Petr would sit up and rubs his eyes as he leans back against the wall, he reaches over and grabs his radio from the bedside table before talking into it, a tired but stern Chernarussian voice comes through*

Ahoj there Mister Rytíř.

You are far from alone.. but it depends on which party you mean. If you care to tell me I am more than willing to elaborate on what's going on.

*He sighs deeply and stretches out his back*

Take care Mister Rytíř, These are dangerous times.

*Petr would stop transmitting and puts his radio back on the bedside table, before getting up to get ready for the day*

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*Poorly pronounces the name of  Rytíř*

I did not get to know allot about the party of Chernarus when i moved here. Which party do you represent and where on the GAL - TAN scale do you think you would stand?

I am working on a trading network called the Hansa and we are intrested to have old party members to try to shape this wasteland into a more formal and a working society.


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